May Goals

It's May! The rain has made everything so lush around here. I don't think I remember such a sweet Spring season before. It's been perfectly cool but sunny - perfect shorts and long sleeve weather :)

Rae and I have been going out to the swing, playing with chalk or for walks around the local neighborhoods a lot more and I'm excited to make that a daily thing.

April was so intense, with the launch of my shop and getting everything prepared, I didn't have much time to rest. There was actually a day after we got back into town one weekend where I felt like I couldn't catch up on rest. I'm looking forward to a bit more margin this month since there isn't a pressing launch deadline. There's already a lot more freedom in my heart towards May and I'm excited to work out of that overflow rather than the other way around. 

Here's how April went:

daily prayer - This unfortunately got put on the back burner. I've been tempted by all the distractions of what it takes to build a business. It's new, so it feels like there is so much more work to be done. It's not established, and few people know of it! Because of this I believed the lie that I had to rush to get things done and that business building was more important than slowing down for prayer, especially since I only have a few hours to work on it during the day. I slowly started incorporating this more in the past couple of weeks and leave my VMP journal on our kitchen table to remind me to pray throughout my work hours.

Finish reading Love Does, start 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer Done! Love Does got a little weird toward the end, so honestly I didn't read the last couple of chapters, but all in all it was inspiring and convicting to love people fearlessly. 31 Days of Prayer is a great devotional so I've been reading a chapter every few days to remind me of how God cares for dreamers and creative people and what I'm going through in that area.

Plan next local Influence meet up Not planned really, but email sent and ball rolling.

Send cookbook for second edits Done and should be getting it back from my editor this week!

Get business organized for launch This was a super broad goal - so I broke it down into more actionable steps and just went back to those steps when I felt overwhelmed with what to do. It's launched!

Go on a date with Jordan So so good... it's amazing how getting out of the house helps us to communicate well and on a much deeper level.

Love and serve SIL for her wedding It was so beautiful! It was fun to be available to love her through it and now she's MARRIED :)

may goals natasha red blog.jpg

As for weekly + daily rhythms I'm hoping to establish:


  • implement toddler schedule based on love and learning
  • maintain and water garden
  • one nap time for personal rest
  • paint for fun
  • playdates
  • blog 1-2x


  • no phone 5-9
  • prayer before work
  • read 1 chapter of a book
  • bible/prayer
  • 5 am wake up

What goals do you have this month? Leave a comment below and share with me!