2019 Word of the Year: Quiet Space

Do you choose a “word of the year?” This is mine. I know, I have to break the rules and have two.


Quiet - free from noise, silent, saying little, free from disturbance or tumult, tranquil, peaceful, being at rest. Refraining from activity especially busy activity, mentally calm.

Space - a place available for a particular purpose. An interval of time.

I'm calling this the year of Quiet Space. It's not a year void of work or doing, but more of an open well that will be filled with all the good things the LORD wants to teach me and wants me to be available for.

Less busyness in my mind and heart and trying to grow and push in business but more space to breathe and grieve and find joy in this new season/location.

I talked about this before on an insta live I did a couple months ago, but my heart has pretty much stayed the same - to spend this year quieter, specifically online and in business. Trading nap time hustling for journaling, reading, preparing food, taking care of our home, being faithful in our church plant endeavors and caring for neighbors.

Does this mean I’ll be quitting the SMP or Beautycounter? Nope, in fact, I hope to work my businesses from a place of general sabbath this whole year. What this does mean is that I’m not going to be a content machine this year. You probably wont see anything new, flashy or shiny from me in 2019. .

I love the idea of intentionally setting aside time to quiet my life during this year. It has nothing to do with circumstances and everything to do with the state of my soul. This year is the “space” my soul needs to breathe. Less output online will mean more input into soul care, and therefore more output into in-real-life relationships. Excited for you to come along with me, friends. I have a feeling this will resonate with many of you mamas, let me know if it does :-)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you have a word for the year - I’d love to hear it + why!