April Goals

A couple days ago I shared my goals refresh for 2015. I think it's so important to look at where you're going and seek to grow. I fall into the lie sometimes that once you decide to do something you absolutely have to do it that way without deviating from the original plan. Starting up my business has showed me (and this is true for so many areas of life) that you can make tweeks and the changes sometimes produce the best fruit.

So here's a little recap on March and where I'm going this month.

Some things that didn't work in March:

  • I didn't make time to intentionally encourage people
  • I didn't look at my PowerSheets often, so I felt off track
  • I struggled to stay off my phone at night, I still want to work on this
  • Having too much on my plate makes me snappy and slow to love

Some things that worked:

  • I had more margin, took nights off work and read more
  • Pausing my email has been one of the best decisions!
  • Having morning routines and a Sunday routine to get ready for the week ahead have been such a blessing
  • I made lots of progress on the shop creativity wise and it was so fun

Now, here's what I'm hoping to make happen this month:


Weekly Goals:

  • pray for and encourage friends
  • one nap time for rest instead of work
  • social media plan for the week (boundaries)
  • hang with some mama friends

Daily Goals:

  • no phone 5-9
  • no work at night
  • read
  • prayer + Bible

Those daily goals may slack a bit (work at night, no phone at night) because of the crazyness that is getting my shop off the ground. BUT I'm keeping them on there because it's my desire to move in that direction.

How about you? Any shifts in your goals this month?