25 Books for 2017

Yesterday I shared my goals for 2017. Part of the learning process for me is reading, and it is something that really refreshes me too. I want to spend more of the margins of my day reading, and I'm excited to dig into all the ones listed below. 

Last year (or maybe a couple years ago?) I read a similar post from Val of Val Marie Paper sharing her book rec's for the year and I loved it! I got so many great ideas of books I would have never heard of from her. I hope sharing these with y'all will also be a help!

The past two years I've been able to complete about 14 books, so having a side goal of reading 25 is pretty intimidating for me! However, when I look back at the time I spent doing other things last year when I could have been reading - I do think it's doable. Many of those times were in the morning after my bible reading, during nap times and at night. This year I was so flat out exhausted from parenting I'd veg on the couch and look at Instagram or watch Netflix after the kids went to bed. I'm hopeful that this year will bring more stability in that area since I don't have a newborn anymore. I just need to remember that my phone drains me...books refresh me :) 

My plan is to read 2 books a month....I'm nervous about that! But I'm holding this loosely and just going to do as much as I can! If I can read even just one book from each category, that would be awesome progress for my goals this year. 

Whether you plan out goals very specifically like I do, or take a looser approach, I'm hoping these books will be a spring board for your own growth this year. 

The books with a * will be books I read if I have time. 

Stewarding Money

Emotional Health

Physical Health





Prayer + Reliance on the Word


Books to read in other categories I want to grow in but didn't necessarily make my goals list:


Peace (my word for 2016)  

Are you a reader? Do you have any books on your list for this year? I'd love to hear, share with me in the comments or over on Instagram