Babies in Small Spaces: Everett's Nursery Nook

I'm 38 weeks today! We are getting sooo close. With all of the holidays, nesting and what feels like constant errands to run, the time has been flying by.

Both our bedrooms are very spacious, with lots of bookshelf built-ins and cabinets for storage. Even with the spacious layout, we only have two bedrooms, so we knew that we needed to put Everett in our room while he is tiny. Reaghan's room is big enough that if we are still in this house when Everett is old enough (and sleeping through the night consistently) then we'll have them share a room. For now though, we've set up a cozy corner of our bedroom for him.

Our master bedroom is exceptionally large. It's funny because I highly doubt we'll ever have such a large room ever again! But for this season it's really nice to have a little space to put together for Everett so I can feel cozy taking care of him, especially in those newborn days. It is important for me to have a place to nurse him in the middle of the night without having to leave our bedroom, and a place to store his things so that I wont have to go digging in Reaghan's room for them and feel disorganized.

I snagged this chair, ottoman and end table for a great price from Craigslist. I couldn't believe what great condition they were all in, and everything for the cost of what a chair like this normally retails for in the store. I've opted to get a regular wing back chair rather than a rocker, so we can use it in the future when our babies aren't babies anymore ;) I have a rocking chair (passed down for 4 generations!) that will stay in Rae's room since she loves to snuggle in it before bed time now.

Part of me really wants to move his white Ikea crib into our room since we will probably be packing up the pack n' play for travel quite often and just for aesthetics sake. I love the pack n' play though because it comes with a detachable changing table for easy diaper changes. I've also got his Moses basket (from when I was a baby!) that he'll sleep in too around the house :)

I added some art and made a quick little embellishment for the wall, similar to the one I made for Rae's room. The gold and white makes me feel so calm and happy. The left art print is actually a flier that came with Lara Casey's PowerSheets, and the other is a print from my friend Brigette's shop. I think she sells this as a part of her Thanksgiving collection, but I love the daily reminder to be grateful for Everett's life as I snuggle him in this little nursery nook.

Right now the bookshelf is a landing place for baby things in general, so I've got a little collection forming of coconut water for labor, our gift cards from showers, and hand sanitizer for when friends come to visit :)

I'm also keeping diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and sleepers in baskets on the bookshelf as well as my Nook and a few books I'm hoping to read after Everett arrives. We'll keep some of his actual outfits on the bottom rack of our closet, which is actually right next to the pack n' play here :)

Do you have a nursery in a small space in your home? How do you make it work?