Where are all the recipes?

So if you've been following along with this blog for a while, you are probably used to a pretty steady stream of recipes being posted! I absolutely LOVE creating a recipe, testing it, serving it to my family or friends, photographing it and sharing it here on the blog. It's such a fun and creative process. Unfortunately it takes a day or two to get through all those steps, when my work time is limited to my daughter's 2 hour nap!

Since we are about to welcome our second baby in a couple of weeks, I've been simplifying in every area. I've been simplifying systems in my business, getting our house ready (nesting is SO real), and thinking through all the things that matter and that I want to make a priority after Everett is here. I've also been trying to rest and enjoy my family while we're still a family of three!

Don't worry, I have some really yummy recipes coming to the blog for you in February and March from some incredible blogging friends. I'm excited for you to be able to try them out!

For now, I'm sharing a lot more on Instagram. It's so easy to share recipes quickly, often times the day I make it and in a matter of minutes, rather than days. I feel like in this season of newborn life and adjusting, it's the perfect way to continue to create and share recipes with you, just in a simpler format. I love searching great food accounts for recipes on Instagram, it's easy and I often end up making them a lot sooner than I would from a website I could possibly forget about.

If you see a recipe on insta that you like, but want to save it for the future, you can pin it to Pinterest! To pin Instagram images, click the 3 dots under the picture, click share, copy link, then open up the Pinterest app and add a pin from your clipboard. Done! I've been doing this lately and it's a great way to save a recipe and not have to scroll really far back in someone's feed to find it.

Search the hashtag #NRrecipes and you'll be able to find them all! xo