2015 Goals: Digging Deeper

Setting goals feels like an actual commitment to me. I'm taking a stand and saying "I'm actually going to do this." But here's the thing, there is GRACE and I need it. To the depths of my core I need it. AND I need to know it's okay for my goals to change. I think this is why I love the PowerSheets so darn much. Every 3 months there is a refresh that prompts you to reconsider your goals and refine them further where needed. 

Things can change. So, maybe I'll see you in 3 months with a new pretty graphic of goals. Who knows. Until then...I encourage you to really pursue what God is guiding you in this year. Don't let 2015 be an accident......live on purpose for what matters at the core of who you are. Dig deep enough to figure out what that is and then live in it. 

Here are my overarching goals for 2015 with some deeper thoughts fleshing them out:

1. If you text me in the middle of the day with a prayer request, chances are I'm going to stop right then and pray for you. My pastor calls this "shot-gun prayers," the times when we tell God of an urgent need. I wouldn't necessarily consider this a conversation with God, and that's what I want to grow in this year. I want to spend my mornings praying for more specific things. I'm using Val Marie's Prayer Journals to help me with this. 

2. I am working with a branding consultant to create a new website in 2015! Woohoo! I truly believe this site will be a deeper reflection of who I am and of my values. I want to spend the next year building a story around my brand and creating a genuine community of people around my business. 

3. This is three fold -- pursue community with moms in my church, pursue friendships with moms in the community & neighborhood, and invest time in the Embrace Grace mama's. 

4. I hate the feeling when I look at the calendar for the month and every single weekend is packed full with events. I know this is going to be a hard one since my sister in law AND best friend are both getting married this year. Both these events and everything that comes along with them are going to be such blessings in my life, but as an introvert, I know I need to plan to spend time alone. I want to be intentional about saying no to some things so I can say yes to those two relationships and still have time to rest and create memories as a family. 

5. I have been using nap times as crazy work crunch time lately. I enjoy being able to get so much done during these times but I want to be intentional about scheduling at least one of Reaghan's naps per week where I can just "be." For me this includes reading, painting for fun, cooking for fun, have a friend over, or take a nap myself. 

6. This is so important to me. I haven't had anyone speaking into my life on a consistent basis for a couple of years. Since there are so many places where I am pouring myself into others, I have this achy feeling. Like I have no water left in my canteen and I'm parched with thirst. I'm desperate for an older woman who has weathered the roads of marriage and motherhood before who can speak into my confusing and broken places. 

7. I want to be intentional about reading, listening to and just soaking up knowledge on gospel-centered parenting. I also want to be present with Reaghan as she grows to get to know her specific needs and how we can parent her well through them. Jordan and I both want to lead her to Jesus rather than towards perfectionistic obedience. I've got my eye on some Jessica Thompson books but 

I'm open to resources and book suggestions!

8. I want to have at least one (hopefully more) meet ups with local bloggers and small business owners in the Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I'd also love to find other Influence Network members in my area and grab coffee. I have been loving this little online community but I crave that face-to-face interaction with these women and want to move forward with making that happen. 

9. I also want to really dig deep into my church community. I honestly don't know how this will play out, so hopefully #1 will help me in this area ;)

10. I want to be available for my husband. So much of 2014 I found myself saying "no" to my husband. Saying no to being available emotionally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes because I just couldn't physically or mentally muster up the energy to be there for him but sometimes, selfishly as well. I want to be available at the end of my day to spend time with him, spontaneously dance in the kitchen, talk about scripture and pray more together as a couple. Our nights (and weekends) are our only times to really work on our relationship, so I hope to structure my days in such a way where I feel freed up to invest in that, rather than being a tired frazzled mess when he comes home from work :) 

Now, most people choose one word to define their hopes for the year, but as I sat on this for a while I really feel like these three words came to mind:

Pride has been a big ugly gross thing in my life for years. I want to look back on this year and see that God really broke that bond for me in many ways. 

I've noticed that much of discontentment or unhappiness in life is centered around my choice to sit in frustration. When I choose joy when Reaghan throws all her food on the floor, or patience when my husband forgets something important I told him, my perspective changes, and I am so much more calm. This isn't meant to be fake, just simply choose (in God's power) to be patient, kind, unselfish, loving, etc :)

I want to be surrendered. I have a lot of plans for the next 6 months specifically, and I want all those plans to be humbly from God as well as constantly sitting in an open hand. 

What are your word(s) for the year? I've loved reading about this on Instagram and other blogs. Cheering you on as we keep each other accountable!