2015 Hopes + Dreams

Firstly, let me just say that I have NEVER been a goal setting type of person. I have literally had countless conversations with people where I've actually bashed making resolutions and goals. HA-HA.

Well, I'm still weirdly afraid of January 1st fever and the ridiculous need to make resolutions that you know..you KNOW.. are going to be out the door come March. Even when we have the best of intentions and desire to do the best of things with our year, month, day...life just gets busy and we either forget, move that thing down the priority list, or struggle in it and therefore give up altogether because we feel so bad that we "failed." 

That's not how I want to spend the first weeks of my year and certainly not what I want to be feeling on December 31st of 2015.

Each year brings such an opportunity for new life. New wisdom and new opportunities. So does every other day of the year, but something about starting a new year just feels like a clean and fresh slate. 

2014 threw me for a loop. I left campus ministry in a flash, had a brand new baby, and was staying home daily all alone (a very new thing for me). It started off pretty depressing to be honest. I had a lot of transitioning into this new lifestyle as a mom. But you know what happened? I was met by God in the most amazing way. In some of my biggest times of need, in the middle of the night feeding Reaghan or at the end of my rope or lonely as all get out, HE was there for me. He guided me towards some creative passions I haven't been able to explore for quite some time because I haven't had time. And He did something beautiful in that.

Now I'm on the cusp of what feels really exciting and scary. I'm stepping out into the brand new (to me) world of creative entrepreneurship and it's really kind of crazy. I daily feel like I have no clue what the heck is going on while simultaneously feeling a kick of adrenaline in my gut.  

Although goal setting still freaks me out (I may have been incredibly nauseous setting the below goals this past week) I truly deeply believe in the power of intentional living. The reality that we can live on purpose and not by accident (a Lara-ism I've come to really enjoy) and that if we sit down to think, pray and dream about making the things that matter most to us happen, that they actually CAN happen if the Lord allows. 

So, here are 10 things I'm hoping for and dreaming about in 2015. Just a little snapshot of what I hope this year will hold for me + my family. 

PS: I've used Lara Casey's PowerSheets to help me get to this list...I highly recommend them. 

Alright, this is getting long and I like short posts...so I'll come back another day and share a little deeper into each goal and what they mean to me. 

Have some goals of your own? Share a link to your blog/instagram/whatever below and I'd love to cheer you on!