How I Eat Healthy When Traveling

We recently traveled up through Boston to search for a new home in Massachusetts. I eat a basically Paleo diet, which is great for my health but makes traveling harder. I have to plan much more in advance to be sure I don't go without good food. I have had to accept that food wont be perfect while we're traveling, but I have also learned a lot about myself, what my body needs to thrive and how I can approach travel to stay my healthiest self. 

Though of course it is important to me to eat healthy when we're traveling, it's hard to do because often we are not in control of what options are available to us, However, having some tactics before heading out can definitely set us up for success. I'm going to round up my strategies for you in today's post so that you can take what I've done and implement it in your own life when you travel next. 

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling Tips and Tricks

 I took pictures of the food I ate while we were in MA to share with y'all how to eat healthy while traveling. Pictures should go in order with explanations below. Let me know what questions or tips of your own that you have in the comments! 

Snacks: I always make sure to bring some "emergency food." Whenever I'm out and about I don't want to be caught hungry with nothing to eat, so I make sure to have something non perishable on hand to quickly curb hunger. I opted for some RX bars and almond butter packets this time. Other great options if you have a fridge would be: hard boiled eggs, energy balls, tuna packets and jerky.

Tea: This is actually really important for me. I may be a weirdo, but tea brings me a lot of comfort and it's super soothing. I know my tummy has a tendency to get upset while eating off my norm, so I grabbed this at Whole Foods and it served us well. Peppermint is great for the gut, and ginger is also great for an immune boost.

Airport lunch: I ordered a burger with no bun and extra lettuce. I also got a side of fries because comfort food.

Dinner: The restaurant we chose had a gluten sensitive part of their menu, so I ordered balsamic glazed salmon with asparagus and salad. The salad had some cheese on top but I just brushed most of it off and it was really yummy!

Breakfast: We found a quaint little breakfast spot in Rhode Island right on the water. I saw on the menu online that it was organic food so we went for it! I got a salmon eggs Benedict but subbed the english muffin for a side of hashbrowns. I also got an almond milk golden latte because I was having an allergic reaction to a cat and needed some additional immune support, haha!

Lunch: We popped into a coffee shop in between house showings to grab lunch and I got a tuna sandwich without bread and on a bed of greens. You can see a theme here that I usually just ask for them to cut out the bread and replace with something else!

Dinner: I didn't get to take a picture of my food that night but I had a bun-less burger with guacamole on top and a side of fries.

Breakfast: We stayed at a hotel that didn't have a breakfast option and the only restaurant was a McDonalds, BUT there was a Trader Joe's nearby, so we got some non-cook items and made our own breakfast plate in our hotel room!

Lunch: Okay, this begins the most challenging day in regards to food. We stopped at an outdoor market in Boston before heading to the airport for lunch and got some oysters (yum!), then I made a not so wise choice and ordered this Greek plate. I thought that the meat and salad would be perfect, but the meat was fried in some kind of oil I could taste right away and knew it would make me sick, so I only ate a few bites. I ate the dolma and some veggies of the salad and gave the rest to Jordan.

Dinner: During our layover in New York, we had very little options. there was an organic food stand, but honestly the choices for a full meal weren't great. I ordered a burger from another restaurant and got these chips and guacamole from the organic stand. When I bit into my burger it tasted terrible! So I ate my chips, guac and an RX bar for dinner that night! 😂 You win some, you lose some!

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling Tips and Tricks
How To Eat Healthy While Traveling Tips and Tricks

Additional Tips:

* breathe before eating and eat SLOW....this truly helps with digestion which is extra important while traveling since our digestion tends to get all out of whack during that time. 
* bring your own dressings if possible. I didn't do it this time, but have in the past. You can get small portable dressing containers at Walmart and it really does make a difference when getting a salad and you don't know if there is a dressing you can eat. 
* Remember to keep taking your vitamins and drink tons of water. I honestly think this made a really positive impact on me throughout our trip. I noticed my body was more stable even though I wasn't in my normal routine and I never got a stomach ache!
* Don't be afraid to ask for what you need! Ask for substitutions and sometimes be wiling to pay more for added avocado or veggies, etc. 
* Wellnicity is also a brand I love that sells little wellness packs of supplements. In the past I've used their Travel pack and it saved us from getting sick on the plane! I forgot to order this time and Jordan caught a cold! :(

Hope this helps! You can save this post by pinning the top picture for future reference!