Top Hospitality Books from 2016

Oh hey MARCH! Wow....I meant to write this post in January, but other necessities pushed it to the back burner. I really wanted to share the books I read on hospitality last year that really impacted me. I hope you get a chance to read these books this year if you haven't already! 

Top Hospitality Books from 2016 // Natasha Red


For the Love

Jen Hatmaker

Thought I don't agree with all of Jen's theology, this book is phenomenal. It's the only book I've read from her and I finished it in 3 days. She talks a lot about developing community, deeply loving others, and how they do supper club. Meaningful, deep, and super funny!

Meal with Jesus

Tim Chester

I'm actually almost done with this one, but have read more than half and would highly recommend it. This book does a deep dive into scripture to show all the ways Jesus used food to connect with people and build His kingdom. It's fascinating, inspiring, motivating, and convicting. You'll get a lot of new inspiration and ideas for sharing a meal with others from this book. 

Life in Community

Dustin Willis

I had this book on my list for months and never picked it up because it looked really similar to a lot of thoughts on hospitality I had read before. However, I was SO wrong. It was sitting on a table of free books at our church and I picked it up and devoured it. One of the big take aways for me was a story about receiving a single serving tray as a wedding gift. He had no idea what they would do with one serving tray but the giver of the gift explained that it was to always remind them to prefer the other person before themselves and serve sacrificially. I think this is the heart of hospitality - that we are willing to sacrifice our space, time, resources for others to be able to love them well. 

The Finishing School

Valerie Woerner

Though this book isn't all about hospitality, she has several chapters that focus on this and even some practical worksheets available to help you think though who you want to invite to your home. This is a great overall personal growth book and has great points on hospitality and many other topics!

The Lifegiving Home

Sally & Sarah Clarkson

This was such a refreshing read! Both Sally and Sarah have a very conversational and inspiring writing style. You have probably heard me talk about this book before, as it has impacted me so much in my practical day to day homemaking. They highlight each month of the year and cast a vision for our homes that provides a welcoming environment for those who live there and those who visit. Tons of practical ideas for hospitality that align with the months/seasons too! 

There you have it! The hospitality books I read in 2016 and my recommendations. Have you read any of these? What did you think? Are you going to put one on your list for this year? Let me know!