Everett's 1st Birthday - Peter Rabbit Party!

Everett's party was last weekend and we had the best time. I think 1st birthday parties are just the best - they honor so much. From the parents who got through that year, to the community aka our village who stood by us, and to honor the baby as well! We really wanted to honor the Lord and what He has done in our relationship with Him through Everett's pregnancy and life this first year, which I'll share a little more about at the end. 

Peter Rabbit 1st birthday party!


Deviled eggs

Blackberry mini pies

Smash cake 

 Veggie tray with ranch and hummus 

Annie's bunny grahams

Pumpkin tree peter rabbit pouches -- I originally wanted these but couldn't find them so I just got regular applesauce pouches 


Peter Rabbit 1st birthday party!

For the snack table, I kept it really simple. I had picked up the teal pom poms from the Target dollar section months ago and didn't quite know how I would use them for the party. I ended up just using them like little cabbages on the table for dimension. I already had the teal fruit baskets, and had some silk veggies from a wreath I found at my mother-in-law's. I pulled some baskets in from Reaghan's toys and an antique watering can I use in our home for decor, and it was done! 


I had some coloring pages on Reaghan's activity table for kids to color, and eggs filled with candy outside to find! I originally wanted to order little plastic carrots (like these) but didn't have time to order them. I just grabbed some old Easter eggs from our closet and they worked perfectly! 


We had a pretty small budget for this party, and I was pretty excited that I was able to keep everything to about $50. A big help with this was that Jordan's family loves Beatrix Potter and had a lot of things to contribute! We already had the book, plus a stuffed Peter Rabbit that we own. 

I made some cabbages to frame the wall around the chalkboard using coffee filters. I followed this tutorial - super easy! Then I filled out some stats on Everett for our chalkboard, and hung up his monthly photos on the wire hook we usually use for hanging artwork. It was the perfect spot for it right above the snack table. 

Jordan's Gran gave me this adorable tin right before the party. She had bought it from Beatrix Potter's house in England and held on to it for years! I was so excited to get it! 

Then I put out a few little tea cups, which Jordan's mom let me borrow. Aren't they sooo cute?

Of course I had to hang a sign on the front door ;) And added a little rabbit to our porch, also something of my mother-in-law's! 


We dedicate our babies to the Lord at their 1st birthday parties. Our church has a dedication that we follow, and it helps us put a stake in the ground for that child's life. To say in front of all our friends and family that we are committing to raise this child in the Lord is a weighty thing, and it helps to have those people there to affirm that and keep us accountable through the years. 

In addition to the dedication, I read Psalm 145 and shared some of my heart. Those words feel too tender to share here, but I will leave you with our prayer for sweet E and some fun pictures from his smash cake, which he didn't smash, haha! 

Our prayer for you, dear Everett, is that you would grow to be a brave and mighty man of God, full of integrity and strength, tenderness and compassion. I see you laying your life down as Jesus did, fully surrendered to the God who made you, your whole heart captured by His beauty and grace. What a privilege to be your mama, to be your daddy. You have brought peace unexplainable and joy uncontainable. We can’t wait to see the man you become.