Introducing Nourished Cookbook

Friends! I am so thrilled to introduce you to a LONG worked on project - my cookbook, Nourished.

I was at the gym one day when I was pregnant with Reaghan, walking on the treadmill, watching a cooking show. Everything about the show was so staged and perfect - ingredients perfectly measured in glass jars, perfectly clean counter tops, and a perfectly staged presentation by the chef. I thought to myself, that is totally not how I cook. When I cook my kitchen is a disaster, there are spices and chopped up vegetables everywhere! Loads of dishes in the sink. Burnt onions and food unfortunately goes to waste sometimes! Now I'm all for beautiful styled images, but I got really frustrated with this particular show because I felt like it and others like it perpetuate this feeling of overwhelm in women regarding cooking.

I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with friends who have shared their insecurities in the kitchen - they feel they don't have the skills, they can't make food like what they see online or on TV, and they certainly don't want to cook for others with all the pressure to be the perfect host.

This got me thinking - we all have to eat, and if we are honest with ourselves, running through the drive thru or picking up to-go food, even healthy to-go, might get us through our 20's, but we can't sustain that kind of lifestyle forever. For the sake of our schedules, our families and our wallets! Eventually, we need to learn at least some basic skills in the kitchen to get us through and feed our families. Simple is key. No one is trying to win the next Food Network show... I think most of us just want something yummy, easy, and preferably healthy to feed our families.

I walked on that treadmill and was determined - I'm going to write a cookbook to this end. And so, Nourished was born! I started writing recipes down, which eventually turned into this blog, and of course the book I dreamed of writing. In the book, I share stories of my own cooking failures, memories and lessons that I've learned over the years, and why it's worth it to cook not just for yourself, but for the people you love. I hope these stories serve as pep talks for you as you seek to gain more confidence in the kitchen. Not only that, but there are only 30 recipes, all easy to double, freeze for later, and serve to just your husband or a bigger crowd. My prayer is that many more people would be excited to gather around the table with people because of this cookbook, and that you'd enjoy the recipes in it as well.

Check out the book's page to learn more about what's included and how you can get your hands on either an eBook or printed magazine copy!