Staying Healthy this Fall

Last week Rae woke up with some major sniffles and congestion. Anytime this happens I seriously go into full fledged immune boosting ninja mode. My sole focus becomes disinfecting and giving everyone in the family an immunity boost. I hadn't really prepped for the winter season yet in terms of stocking our cabinets with herbs, essential oils and vitamins, but when Rae woke up with that little cold I leapt straight into action. #mamamode

We've been treating illness like sinus infections, colds and the flu with these methods for the past 3 years or so with GREAT success! So, I thought I'd share how we will defend our family this winter. This isn't by any means an exhaustive list, but helps to cover our basis, and should be noted that everything is paired with a nutritious, real food diet, adequate sleep and drinking lots of water.

Vitamin C

I went ahead and bought a powdered kind so I could easily give it to Reaghan all winter. I have a pill form for Jordan and I, but Rae gets fun gummies made with grass fed gelatin, some sort of sugar free juice, and vitamin C powder. I used a recipe I found on the Wellness Mama blog to make her gummies.

Vitamin D

I got these in dropper form to easily be added to Reaghan's water or smoothies. Vitamin D is especially important during the winter when it's so dreary and we aren't getting outside for sunshine as often.


Right now I take them in my prenatal vitamins, but I also have probiotic capsules, and I'll open up a capsule and pour some of the powder out into Rae's smoothies. When she is sick she gets a "wellness smoothie" filled with healthy protein (almond butter, grass fed gelatin), raw milk, green leafy vegetables, and any vitamins I want to add.

Epson Salt Baths

At the first sign of sickness, I'll get anyone feeling sick in a warm bath with Epson salts. They detoxify the body and soothe any aches as well. I've also followed some more serious detoxifying baths from Wellness Mama in the past.

Essential Oils

We use several oils diffused or topically on the skin (always diluted), but for sickness, our main one is Thieves. Thieves is a Young Living blend but you can also get a quality equivalent from Native America Nutritionals here.

Bone Broth

Broth contains tons of collagen, calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine, and essential amino acids, making it a potent defense against illness and inflammation. In addition, glycine is great for detoxing the body, which can be helpful for fighting off a cold. Actually, when Rae woke up sick, I mixed some bone broth, raw honey and raw milk in a sippy cup and warmed it up for a "treat" and it worked wonderfully! I also started sipping on a cup myself :) This always does the trick when I wake up with a tickle in my throat and want to get rid of any illness fast.

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How to Use It

As for cooking, broths and stocks form the bases for sauces, soups, and gravies. But the concentrated burst of flavor that comes from these liquids can be used in just about anything you can dream up. Of course, the benefits of a good bone broth come from its organic and grass­ fed origins. Regular old beef stock – and the similar versions at your local grocer – won’t do the trick for health.

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How do you defend your family from getting sick during the winter months?