Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Few things are better than a homemade dinner, particularly one that you know is wholesome and can be counted on for leftovers. Roasted chicken with vegetables is one of my favorite meals to make because I know I can stretch it. Call me a dinner time hacker but I love it when I can make meals go further, stretching my dollars and my time. Chicken enchiladas with the leftover chicken meat, topping salads with leftover veggies, and creating a sort of liquid gold known as bone broth (or homemade chicken stock) are some of favorite ways to use leftovers from this meal. 

My favorite bone broth recipe can be found here


Can we also just admit that roasted chicken seems incredibly fancy yet it’s easy as punch to throw together? The first time I ever made it I wa

s shocked by this and utterly amazed. Are you a lazy (or tired mom at the end of a long day) person who wants your family to think you’re fancy? Try this dish — I promise you’ll wow everyone involved.

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