Currently // Vol. 3

thinking about //

My cookbook. (Surprise! I'm writing a book. Or was that cat already out of the bag?) Well, to be more specific, the book and the blog. How do they fit together? What's my voice and where am I going? And oh by the way, how do you go about starting as huge and overwhelming a project as writing a book?! Before the pen hits the pad of paper (or my fingers click to the keyboard) I need to let all my passions and thoughts gain a little bit more focus. 

reading //

In preparation for such an all-encompassing task, I'm reading "Will Write for Food" by Dianne Jacob. Basically what I've learned so far is that I'm doing it all wrong. Hooray for the first chapter! But really...I'm digging into it and feverishly taking notes. I have much to learn, y'all. 

listening // 

To grasshoppers bang on the glass windows......ick. 

watching //

Old videos from my time in Italy a couple years ago. It's safe to say an Italy inspired food week is coming to the blog soon! 

thankful // 

For sweet graces from God that allowed Jordan and I to get away for a special fancy date night this weekend. This is something we are not afforded often these days and we soaked in every precious minute of it. I meant to take pictures the entire night but was too wrapped up in my man to remember! Don't you love when life is a little too sweet to stop and snap a picture? Just imagine giggles and feasting on Brazilian meats followed by a tour of Whole Foods and devouring a pint of dairy-free chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Mmmm...

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