Meet the Seasonal meal planner. 

a 6 month prompted planner to organize meals + create an intentional plan for hospitality

Seasonal Meal Planner // Natasha Red

I learned a valuable lesson after becoming a mom. Our meals couldn't be left to chance anymore. 

Stress would inevitably take over and we would scarf down our meals before rushing into the bedtime chaos without a second thought to cultivating relationships around the table with our family or neighbors. I spent far too many nights bouncing a baby on my hip and frantically trying to throw a complicated meal together - sitting down at the table with all my energy drained from stress instead of flowing into those I shared a meal with (even my husband and baby). 

Can you relate to my experience?

Seasonal Meal Planner // Natasha Red
Seasonal Meal Planner | Natasha Red

Hi, I'm Natasha. I am a wife, mom of 2, and business owner.

Much like you, I'm trying to simplify life, especially when it comes to our meals. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel every week with new recipes I have no idea if my family will like. And I definitely don't want to make one more single decision at 5 o'clock when my brain is already maxed out after a long day  taking care of two little ones. 




By implementing my Seasonal Recipe Rotation and cooking simple meals, I no longer have to meal plan every week, but once every 3 months. Finally I have a clear plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week ahead. No more running to the store at the last minute for a forgotten ingredient. No more wandering around the kitchen at 5 o'clock wondering what's for dinner while bouncing screaming babies on my hip. No more wishing I could invest my energy into the lives of people around my table instead of stressing about what I'm about to cook for them or how my house looks!


Organize your meal plan once and for all

AND Bring God's kingdom TO earth through intentional hospitality


Need more details? Here's the inside scoop...

Seasonal Meal Planner // Natasha Red


"The prompts help me to keep grocery costs down by using what I already have."
"I used to constantly forget what I wanted to prep ahead and then none of it would get done! Now I list out my prep, divide it over Saturday and Sunday afternoons and I'm ready for a smooth week of healthy and easy to put together meals."
"Keeps me on track budget and health wise!"
"The SMP gives you peace about meal planning. It takes away the stress!"
Seasonal Meal Planner // Natasha Red


  • The only meal planner on the market geared toward streamlining your meals AND being intentional about biblical hospitality
  • Choosing your meals wont stress you out or steal time from you
  • Never run out of dinner ideas or get bored of your meal plan
  • Cut weekly meal planning time down to 10-15 minutes 
  • Have more time with your family during the week!
  • More margin to share a meal with family + friends


Seasonal Meal Planner | Natasha Red


  • Each planner is a 6 month set 
    • Fall & Winter run from September-February
    • Spring & Summer run from March - August
    • The undated 6 month SMP can be started at any time!
  • Each 6 month set includes:

    • 2 seasonal planning pages for meals and hospitality

    • 6 monthly planning pages for hospitality

    • 26 weeks of meal planning pages

    • 26 grocery list sheets

    • Resource section for meals and hospitality

    • Example pages so you can jump right in without the overwhelm
  • We've gone digital! You will receive a .pdf file after checkout and can easily have your SMP bound or organized in a 3-ring binder. Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.
  • With the purchase of a Seasonal Meal Planner, you get instant access to our private Facebook community, where we resource one another on all things food, meal planning, and hospitality! 

still have questions? shoot me an email at or start a live chat with me in the shop!

don't let another year go by frazzled by meal times.