Seasonal Meal Planner

Seasonal Meal Planner





Change the world one simple meal at a time. 

Yes, meals at the table are really THAT powerful. We all know that God commands us to extend hospitality to others, but in this rushed world, when will it happen if we don't make an intentional plan? We love the idea of family dinners and not being a slave to the kitchen, but rarely plan ahead enough to accomplish these goals.

The Seasonal Meal Planner will guide you step by step through the process of saving time, money and headaches when it comes to planning your meals. And with space to prepare your heart for hospitality and make an actual plan for it, you will know who you want to serve and how to best love them. 


The Format:


  • This section is designed to encourage and challenge your heart with what God's word has to say about hospitality. We all know the days of Martha Stewart didn't get it right, but how do we practically live out biblical hospitality today? The prep work section is like a refreshing heart check, with room to journal, determine rhythms, read Scripture on the topic of hospitality, and learn some of my core principles of hospitality.


  • The SMP has four sections for each season - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Within each section you will find a page dedicated to seasonal planning. Here you will be prompted to think through seasonal events and holidays that you could use to gather and serve others. This is also where you will list the 16 tried and true dinner recipes your family loves. This list will become your seasonal recipe rotation, saving an estimated 34 hours in meal planning time this year.


  • In this section, you can forecast meals for the whole month or use the calendar for writing important dates from your seasonal planning page (such as birthdays and anniversaries). Each month you will be prompted to think through who you will invite over for a meal and who you will serve as you seek to go outward with your hospitality as well.


  • Take inventory of what's already in your kitchen (no food waste!) and plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Each day has a place to write meals, space to write names of people coming over for a meal and space to write where the recipe is located (blog, cookbook, etc.) so you never forget.

  • Includes grocery list sheets

  • These pages are perforated so you can easily rip them out and post your meal plan to your refrigerator or take your grocery list to the store with you!


  • Meal time resources covering everything from handling meat, when to eat organic, seasonal produce lists, and more!

  • Hospitality resources including conversation starters, prayer points, and what to-do before company comes over.


  • 10 repeating pages for holiday and special event planning, all on perforated paper. Use these to plan Christmas, a kiddo's birthday party, reunion, or any other ocassion!


The Details: 

  • This planner will last 1 year

  • 9 pages of prep work to prepare your heart for meal planning and hospitality

  • 4 seasonal planning sections - for meals and hospitaltiy

  • 12 monthly planning sections - for meals and hospitality

  • 52 weekly meal planning sections, perforated for tearing out

  • 52 grocery list sheets, perforated for tearing out

  • Resource section - for meals and hospitality

  • 10 holiday and event planning pages, perforated for tearing out

  • Size: 9 x 8.5"

  • Printed on white paper, spiral bound, durable UV coated cover (if it gets dirty, simply wipe with a damp cloth!)

  • With the purchase of a Seasonal Meal Planner, you get instant access to our private Facebook community, live monthly coaching calls and access to The Pantry, a portal for SMP owners to rewatch coaching calls anytime, with new content being added each month!



Watch this video for an inside look at the SMP

Search the hashtag #SMPHowTo on instagram for details on how I use each page of my SMP


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