Does cooking for others make you:

weary, fearful, insecure?

All too often we think hospitality is reserved for only those special people who have talents of decorating and whose culinary creations always turn out looking like an article out of Southern Living. But the truth is, it’s not like that. Hospitality is inviting others to come and savor life with you, to break bread and make memories. Hospitality focuses on people rather than preparations.

You could serve a perfect 3-course meal and gain the praise of your guests, or you could sit and listen, showing your guest that their hearts are what matters most, not their praise. Hospitality allows us to provide a place for others to call home.

you want to spend your energy on relationships shared around the table, nourished cookbook will help you love on your people by nourishing their bodies and their souls.

Nourished Cookbook by Natasha Red
Nourished Cookbook by Natasha Red

E-book and hardcopy available


For many, it may feel like a real risk to dive into cooking.

There are so many hurdles for women including fear, lack of time, and knowledge. This is why I wrote Nourished. I want you to have the courage to push through the risks and develop your own “why” for cooking. Is it feeding your family nutritious meals? Is it passing on a tradition to your children? Is it a catalyst for building community in your neighborhood?

Whatever your “why,” you don’t have to cook perfectly for it to be worth it.


perfect for all skill levels

Perfect for the brand new home cook or experienced chef, all the recipes in this book use simple ingredients,

can be easily customized and don't require any fancy gadgets.


Whether you like your recipes all digital, or prefer to hold a paper copy in your hands, you can have both!

eBook and printed copies are available.

Dairy + Gluten-Free

Each recipe has variations to create a dairy and gluten free meal with simple substitutions.

I've listed my favorite brands and where to buy them to make it easier on you!

What to expect from Nourished:

  • 30 simple dinner recipes

  • customized ingredient lists for a dairy-free or gluten-free diet

  • pep talks from my own life that encourage you to stay motivated in the kitchen

  • practical tips to make cooking easier

  • real food ingredients, something for every season

  • easy to prep ahead, double, or freeze for later

  • beautiful imagery to inspire you to gather around the table with the people you love

  • most importantly, these recipes are TRIED and TRUE! Our family makes them over and over again and serve them up to friends with lots of smiles! :)


What others are saying

"My cooking aspirations have historically been very low, all I wanted was for my meals to taste decent an not kill anyone. Natasha had the deft ability to gently coax me out of that comfort zone. Not only did we suffer no kitchen casualties, my family actually LOVED the food I prepared. And I felt incredibly accomplished having prepared meals that involved dicing, sauteing and buying ingredients I’ve never heard of. Her chicken pot pie was an instant success and has been frequently requested. Reading Natasha's words is like having a personal cheerleader in your kitchen. A friendly, helpful cheerleader that doesn’t judge you for not knowing where to find cilantro in the store. She is a true champion for cooks, both the experienced and the novice. If you're ready to spice things up, grab this book!"

- Victoria Wilson, writer and mom of two


"Nourished is full of delicious recipes (our current fave is the BBQ Enchiladas – yum) but what I love most is the encouragement that comes from the stories.  Instead of being controlled by insecurity, I now look forward to trying new recipes and embracing not just the time spent in the kitchen but more importantly the time spent around the table.  One of my favorite stories challenged me to remember that making a meal for my husband isn’t about filling his stomach, but about the conversations we have at the table and the simple investment in our marriage that mealtime provides. 

Nourished will give you new recipes and a joyful attitude in the kitchen – I highly recommend it."

- Mindy Larsen, writer and wife

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Thank you!

I am so grateful that you would want to make Nourished a part of your recipe collection! I truly believe you will be inspired to gather with the people you love the most and no longer live frantically during that 5 o'clock hour. Cheers to nourishing both body and soul!

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