most women find it stressful to prepare healthy meals for their family. we make meal planning simple so that you can enjoy the people around your table. 

With a simple plan for what to eat in the week ahead, you'll stop feeling stressed about what to cook, and start enjoying the process. 

We all want to eat healthy meals. Now you'll know what's in season, and have plenty of inspiration to make the answer to "what's for dinner?" a simple one.

Food has always been the centerpiece of community. Your meal planning journal will not only help bring simplicity to your kitchen, it will serve as a catalyst to building community with the people you love.


what women are saying about their SMP Journal

I feel so blessed to have the Seasonal Meal Planning Journal as a resource. I often feel overwhelmed in the kitchen and this tool has helped demystify cooking.
— Brooke
Love the Seasonal Meal Planning journal! It’s hard as a mom to keep everything organized and plan ahead for meals, but this made it so easy. I just keep it on my counter in the kitchen, and every Sunday afternoon I sit down and spend an hour planning out the week... Then I tear off the grocery list and head to the store. So easy!
— Kat
With my wedding quickly approaching last fall, and a husband with quite the appetite (who doesn’t like to eat the same thing more than a day or two in a row!) I knew I needed to make a plan for married life! We both work full time jobs outside of the home and had to be smart about our time and budget. I had printed a few things off Pinterest here and there but would lose them or forget to print them off - not effective! I stumbled upon Natasha’s Seasonal Meal Planning journal and it was pure gold when it came to planning, shopping and executing meals at home! We stuck to our plan, stayed on budget and wasted a whole lot less food!
— Kate