Wholesome Eating

I believe in moderation, but I also believe that we should eat diets full of nourishing, whole foods that come from nature! I try my hardest to stay away from ingredients that can't be pronounced or that I know are just plain not good to put in our bodies. I am constantly learning and growing, so this is an ever-evolving list of brands I trust and use in my recipes. If you ever see something that contradicts a real food diet, please send me an email! I am constantly in the learning process. 

Non-refined, pure organic cane sugar. Stay away from the white refined sugar as much as possible. Same goes for white all purpose flour. 

Coconut Flour

excellent alternative to flour, cannot be subbed equally for all purpose. Requires the use of more eggs in a recipe. Loaded with fiber. 

Oat Flour

Very similar results to all purpose flour. My preferred "replacement" at this time. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A good quality olive oil has a green tint and will be cold pressed, preferably from Italy or the Mediterranean.

Frozen pie crust or gluten free
If you aren't able to make your own (and right now in my life using this is just so much easier) I would suggest an organic or gluten free variety

Coconut Oil 
Extra Virgin Organic and cold pressed is the best.

Natasha Red