The Making of a Cookbook

Writing a cookbook is a crazy ride. When I'm feeling negative about it I think "how could I call this a real cookbook? It only has 30 recipes" and I compare myself to other authors who have 100+ recipes in their books. Then I remember how I intentionally wanted to keep this book simple and short, since I know how exhausted I get when I have too many options. Living this way is hard for me though. I find myself in a tug of war between the joy of not having to think too hard about what I'm going to make, and my creative soul longing to try something new. 

I'm an adventurer in the kitchen. I like to try new recipes and learn new techniques. As I test each recipe in the book over and over, I'm learning more about the heart of cooking with simplicity. It's funny that the exact hope I've had for people as they read this book, has been made real in my own life as I put into practice what I've written. My cookbook contains 30 recipes, so there is enough variety from week to week but not so many that I feel overwhelmed. The more often I make them, the more comfortable I feel with them and dinner prep gets easier.

Reaghan is a very curious and silly toddler who likes to roam around and rip things up while I make dinner. The fact that many of my meals can be easily assembled earlier in the day so that all I have to do is simmer, bake or whatever in the evening is such a gift right now. Those afternoon hours where life with Reaghan would be super hard because she tends to need more attention in the afternoons and my focus would be divided, are now focused on her and the time is just that much more enjoyable. I see this working out for the working mom as well: assemble your meal in the morning before work, and have more time for conversation with your husband when you come home. Relationships, it's about that more than it could ever be about food.

I have purposefully kept it simple while simultaneously cheering you on toward rich relationships around the table.

The Making of a Cookbook // Natasha Red

I'm enjoying the process so deeply. It's exhausting but fulfilling work, and when a recipe is edited, tested and approved, my soul is at rest. I love this process, and have all the crazy feelings about sharing it with you. The sad part is that it wont be ready to launch with the rest of my shop, but the good news is that I'm working hard to refine it into something that will feed not just your body, but also your soul. I hope you love it!

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