Seasonal Meal Planner Launch Day + 4 new product options!

Have you ever felt so discouraged by cooking or overwhelmed by the process of meal planning that you just wanted to give up completely? If I know you well, you're a gal who wants to get healthy food on the table for your family without breaking the bank, and in the easiest way possible, but feel stuck.

You don't need all the hoopla or 49 ingredients and as a woman with heart and intentionality, you don't have time to spend hours planning out said meals. You want to spend time with your family, not in the kitchen slaving away. 

You also want to find simple ways to have a Kingdom impact from home by inviting others in for conversation and community. It seems daunting, but you know there's a way to make hospitality life giving and not joy sucking.  I have the solution for you, mama... 

Today we launched 3 new products that I hope you will love, geared toward helping you simplify your meals and create an intentional plan for hospitality. 


We've made some changes this year! Here's what you can expect from this year's Seasonal Meal Planner:

  • 6 month sets - instead of a bulky one year planner, we've downsized and are offering a Fall & Winter and Spring & Summer SMP, each including 6 months of meal planning goodness. 
  • We've gone digital! For many reasons, and after much prayer, we decided to make the SMP digital for now. We are so excited about the opportunity to offer a product more in budget for you mama's and be able to serve our non-United States friends as well! 
  • Example pages have been added to the front of the SMP to help you understand how to use it to it's fullest potential right from the start! 
  • Full Year Bundle - if you already know you want to use the SMP all year, the Fall & Winter and Spring & Summer can be purchased in a bundle at a discount. 
  • 6 Month Undated - we've also added an undated option for those who may find out about the SMP mid-season and still want to gain it's benefits. 
  • The thread of hospitality will remain a main theme of the SMP, for as long as we are producing them. You will notice some slight changes from last year's edition, but see that there are still prompts seasonally and monthly to help you keep serving people in your home front of mind.  

Hospitality in All Seasons - NEW!

We are thrilled to release a brand new product! The Hospitality in All Seasons Guidebook includes 50+ pages of encouragement and teaching straight from God's word so you can banish fear and take hold of your God given calling to love others through hospitality. In the guidebook you'll find wisdom, truth, a devotional to renew your minds, journal pages to reflect on what you're learning, and additional resources to help you make a lasting change in this area. Want to go through the Guidebook with a small group or church? An extended license is also available for that! 

Mentor Sessions - NEW! 

I have long loved coaching and training women in ministry principles, business and in all things food and hospitality. I find myself answering questions often and have found that some women would be best served by sitting down for a focused mentoring session with me. I'm offering a very limited number of coaching sessions per quarter in the areas of meal planning, hospitality, and business/blogging. These will be similar to my coaching calls for SMP owners, but specific to your unique situation, in a one-on-one Zoom call setting.