2018 Fall Meal Plan

What is a Seasonal Meal Plan, and how is it different from any other meal planning method you've tried? A Seasonal Meal Plan is a list of 16-20 tried and true dinner recipes that you choose at the beginning of the season to rotate through for the 3 months of the season. This eliminates wasted time each week scouring Pinterest for the next cool meal to make your family, and streamlines the whole meal planning process down to about 15 minutes a week. 

If you often find yourself  bored of the food you cook, or are frustrated week in and week out with how long it takes and how overwhelming it is to plan your meals, then the Seasonal Meal Planner is for you. The SMP is special because it not only allows you a space to keep everything food related organized; but it actually prompts you weekly, monthly and seasonally on each step you need to take to keep meal times simple so you never have to be overwhelmed again. You'll also find that the thread of hospitality runs through it, encouraging you to keep inviting others into your home an ongoing rhythm and priority of life. 

Learn more about Seasonal Meal Planning here. 

* In the recipes below, I've noted where I'll be making substitutions to make each meal grain and dairy free. 


2018 Fall Meal Plan | Natasha Red | Seasonal Meal Planner | Fall Recipes | 20 Fall Recipes to Use all Season



1. Chili and paleo cornbread (H)

2. Kale & bacon stuffed pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes (H)

  • I omit the cheese and sub coconut milk for milk in the potatoes

3. Pan seared salmon with balsamic vinegar, creamy brussels sprouts

  • Sub coconut milk for heavy cream in the brussels sprouts 

4. Slow cooker moroccan chicken with cauliflower couscous (SC)

  • I actually make this in a dutch oven (big ceramic pot) because I like the flavor better than in the slow cooker. 3 hours at 425 F.

5. Pepperoni pizza pasta

6. Crock pot chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice (SC)

7. Nachos on plantain chips

  • This is really self explanatory, but I'll brown some ground turkey or beef with the taco seasoning from Nourished and layer plantain chips, lettuce, meat, avocado, tomatoes, radishes and ranch or salsa on top. 

8. Chicken ranch breakfast hash

9. Dairy free clam chowder (H)

  • I've been wanting to make this recipe ever since I saw it posted, and am overjoyed I can eat some clam chowder for our first fall in New England! 
  • I'll add some biscuits when company comes over. These are a favorite right now. 

10. Whole30 easy ramen

11. Roasted sausage, collards, mushrooms and salad

  • I roast the sausage on a sheet pan and then sauté the collards and mushrooms. I'll work to get the sautéed mushrooms recipe on the blog soon!

12. Crock pot chops with apples and onions, with roasted vegetable (SC)

13. Meatballs, roasted broccoli, salad, chimichurri sauce

14. Alboudigas soup

  • Such a delicious soup from the cookbook Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fagraso 

15. Pan seared salmon, kale and coconut quinoa, roasted broccoli

16. Fajitas (H)

  • I've made these before and I'm hoping to get the recipe on the blog sometime this fall...stay tuned! 

17. Slow cooker beef bourguignon (SC)

18. Creamy crock pot white chicken chili (SC)

19. Fish cakes, salad, avocado, roasted brussels sprouts 

20. Lazy bolognese, quinoa noodles 

  • From the cookbook Dinner a Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach

H = hospitality (meals that are good for company) 

SC = slow cooker


Lunch Rotation:

  • Chicken ceasar salads
  • Tuna salads
  • Taco bowls



Find more ideas in my Fall Recipes Pinterest Board! 

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