Seasonal Rhythms Part 3: Lent Resources for Adults and Kids

Particularly for the seasons of Advent and Lent, I find myself wanting something to read (whether a bible study, quick devotions, or a book) that will help me focus my mind and heart on the purpose of that season. While traditions are great, I need the daily renewing of my mind to help me really savor the meaning behind all of those traditions, and why we care about the season at all. Here I've listed some great resources for the adults that will spur you on towards Christ and help you richly experience the season of Lent. Below that is a list for the kids - ranging from videos, to music, to activities you can do together to make this time meaningful but also fun. 

These lists are not meant to be exhaustive, nor are they meant to convince you to do them all! These are just some resources I've used/come across over the years that I thought I would pass on to you to choose from. Feel free to recommend your own resources in the comments! 



For Adults


For Kids


What is Lent? 

Our Lent Traditions