5 Meals for New Moms (+ freezer friendly!)

In this season of life I feel like I make about 1-2 meals for new mamas each month. There are just so many new moms in our church, constantly pregnant it seems :) Feeding moms (whether the first time or the fourth...or adopting or fostering for that matter!) is a subject I'm pretty passionate about. I had a really rough initial postpartum period with Reaghan and having meals brought to us was such a huge blessing. Even when she was about 3 months old, there were nights where Jordan would walk in the door and I would have literally forgot about dinner. Like, no plan at all, nothing even in the freezer to thaw quickly and eat, hadn't even crossed my mind all day. So I fully understand how much of a blessing this is when you are so frazzled, covered in spit up, an emotional train wreck, etc. 

If there's a mom in my vicinity who is pregnant I'll most likely ask for to get on her meal calendar. It's just a hobby of mine :) I also feel like moms need more than just dinner, so at the end of the post I'm going to list a few ideas of simple add-on's to round out your meal. 

1. Chicken Tikka Masala

Find the recipe here!

How to freeze: Make the tikka masala, then let it cool fully. Transfer to a ziplock bag and freeze flat to conserve space in your freezer. Make a batch of brown rice, cool and also transfer to a ziplock and freeze flat. When reheating the rice, just add a bit of water to re-establish a smooth consistency. 

2. Texas Stuffed Peppers 

You can find this recipe in my cookbook, Nourished on page 23. Get your copy here if you haven't already!

How to freeze: Bake the first time, fill peppers with filling, cool completely, then cover with foil and freeze. When ready to deliver (or eat yourself if you're expecting!) thaw at room temperature, cover with cheese if desired and bake the remaining amount of time. 

3. Easy Black Bean and Chicken Enchiladas

Find the recipe here!

How to freeze: Make everything all the way up until stuffing the tortillas. Make sure the filling cools completely, then stuff the tortillas and place them in your baking dish. Top with sauce and cheese, cover with foil and freeze. Thaw at room temperature and bake as directed. 

4. Slow Cooker Pork Ragu

Find the recipe here!

How to freeze: Make the ragu, let cool and transfer to a ziplock bag, freezing flat. Thaw and reheat on the stove until hot. 

5. Veggie Packed Meat Sauce

Find the recipe here!

I like serving this over steamed broccoli, which you can easily do if you are bringing a warm meal to a mom to eat right away, OR you could add a frozen bag of broccoli that just steams in the bag for ease of the family you're serving. 

How to freeze: Cook sauce all the way, let cool and freeze flat in a ziplock bag! Just reheat on the stove when ready to serve. 

I'm a firm believer that moms don't just need dinner, they need breakfast, lunch and snacks too! I also try to think about the other kiddos at home and what they might like. Recipes like the cheesy spinach and egg cups are easy to make and also perfect for toddlers and no-fuss for the mom who just welcomed a baby. 

Other Ideas to round out a mama meal:


What was most helpful to you after you brought home a baby?