Organize your Pantry on a Budget

I’m all about simplicity in the kitchen. I talk about this all the time on Instagram, my cookbook, and here on the blog. I truly believe that relieving the overwhelm and simplifying your time in the kitchen can make that time more enjoyable. We all have to eat, so we can either grit our teeth through it or enjoy the process and free up brain space + time for the people that matter most to us.

So if organizing my pantry makes me more likely to share a meal with my family or neighbors because I’m not overwhelmed by the thought of cooking for others, then that’s a win!


Our pantry/laundry room has several really long shelves on one wall. I knew that if I left them alone, I'd end up putting pantry items everywhere and not be able to find what I needed when I needed it. Not only that, but not organizing this space would have left it looking really cluttered and my heart just can't take that, haha. We also needed some space to store other items like bottles and Reaghan's plates since we lost quite a bit of storage in the kitchen when we moved.

I stopped by the Dollar Tree and stocked up on these white and turquoise baskets to organize everything in and it made such a difference! These particular baskets come in a ton of different colors, shapes and sizes, so you can find a lot of variety to match your style. I picked up these chalkboard stickers in the Target Dollar Spot and a white galaxy marker to label everything for easy access. Now, I can easily pull out my any basket, like my baking basket, when I need it instead of searching around and having to make a couple trips to different spots in the kitchen for all the items needed to bake.

We hung our spice rack behind the door so all the spices wouldn't be an eye-sore.

I also grabbed a few extra bins in different sizes to use under bathroom and kitchen sinks, and in the laundry area for storing cleaning supplies, or in our linen closet for other things like batteries, extra soap, etc.

On the laundry side of the pantry, I have some hangers for drying clothes, and hung command hooks on the wall to get our swiffer and broom off the floor. We also mounted a plastic bag holder so those aren't just lying around, but have their place.

Here's a list of all the bins I created, hopefully this gets you started on your own!

  • celebrate (birthday candles, birthday plate, gift bags, etc.)
  • cooking oil
  • coffee & tea
  • cans
  • garden
  • seasonal (cookie cutters, holiday themed items)
  • vitamins
  • baking
  • pump parts
  • bottles and cups
  • hospitality (paper napkins, cups, forks, etc.)
  • kids plates & bowls
  • sauces (including almond butter or any jarred panty items)
  • grains
  • snacks
  • energy (seeds, protein powder, shredded coconut, etc)

I love the way this project turned out, and love that it can be done in an afternoon! How could you organize your kitchen better?