NR Gift Guide Series: Cookbooks for the Foodie

Hey friends! I really wanted to put together a series of gift guides for you as you plan for the upcoming Christmas shopping season. Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to brands and businesses I love in hopes of helping you find great gifts for the people on your list. 

First, we're starting with cookbooks! As I have looked at other gift guides, I haven't found many with cookbook selections. I always see guides with kitchen tools and seemingly useless kitchen decor (fancy flour sack towels - though I want all of them, how will I use them without getting them horribly dirty and ruining them??) I digress. 

NR Holiday Gift Guide: Cookbooks for the Foodie

Truth be told, this is funny topic to be starting this series off with since I just posted about not having the time to cook through cookbooks anymore. But that doesn't mean I don't have a couple of my favorites that sit on my pantry shelf! It's always been a favorite past time to read a cookbook cover to cover and cook through it from start to finish. Kind of a fun experiment I started my first year or marriage - so if you know a foodie or just a woman in your life who would benefit from a good tried and true cookbook this Christmas, here are my top recommendations! 


  1. Dinner: A Love Story

    I found this cookbook tucked in an unsuspecting bookshelf at a craft store in tiny Breckenridge, CO. As I flipped through it's pages I fell deeply in love. I was newly married (and newly pregnant, ha!) and decided to give myself a challenge and cook through this cookbook from front to back. I faithfully made it happen and to be honest I think the constant cooking and trying new things was a big catalyst to writing my own cookbook. Jenny is basically my hero, and I have loved all her cookbooks, and can't recommend them enough. You can read my full rant and rave post about this book here. GET IT HERE. 
  2. Meals Made Simple

    I have loved Danielle Walker's recipes for years now. I love that even though I'm not Paleo, I know I will be making a healthy meal, snack or dessert with her recipes! Most of them are so simple too, and this cookbook is the best of her simple recipes. My favorite part is the laid out meal plans and info on stretching leftovers to save money. GET IT HERE. 
  3. Homegrown Paleo

    I want this cookbook so bad! I mean, if you watch this video and don't become inspired, I don't know what's wrong with you ;) If you desire to know what you're eating and have hopes of (or currently do!) grow your own food, this book is for you! For the cook and homesteader in your life, this book guides you through the basics without being overwhelming. I love that about her! GET IT HERE. 
  4. Celebrations

    This book just came out and looks SO FUN! I think it's definitely more specific to a Paleo/grain free diet because there are tons of recipes for every holiday that fit into this category. I love the heart behind it because it offers nostalgic recipes back to those who haven't been able to enjoy their holiday favorites due to health reasons. As usual with Danielle, all of the recipes look scrumptious. GET IT HERE. 
  5. Nourished

    I poured my heart and soul into this cookbook and am so proud of it. The recipes are tried and true, friends. We have served them over and over to friends and strangers alike and they have always been favorites. This is so not a boast, just so so grateful that women and families have loved the recipes in this book! There are 30 recipes for any season and encouraging stories sprinkled throughout, meant to pep you up, inspire, and give you ideas on gathering around the table. ALSO every recipe comes with a substitution list of ingredients if you are gluten and/or diary free! WIN! GET IT HERE.