Slow Cooker Enchilada Sweet Potatoes

October is finally here which means Fall is (hopefully) in the air, holidays are approaching, and everyone is getting ready to bust out their slow cookers for the cooler weather. I sure know I am. This pregnancy stuff is no joke... I can be on my feet for an hour and feel like I was on them all day! So you know simple meals is my jam now even more than ever. Stephanie from Sustaining the Powers celebrates "Crocktober" with an entire month of slow cooker recipes, so we're joining together to help her kick it off with a Crocktober Starter Pack Giveaway. Included is a fancy programmable slow cooker, some slow cooker liners (the best invention ever) and a $100 visa gift card for groceries! I'm a little jealous, and want to win this for myself! ;)

Slow Cooker Enchilada Sweet Potatoes - 5 ingredients, simple dinner!
Slow Cooker Enchilada Sweet Potatoes - 5 ingredients, simple dinner!

To get us started, I'm sharing a slow cooker chicken enchilada stuffed sweet potato recipe! It's divine y'all, and so so easy. I recently discovered the real way to bake sweet potatoes and I'm obsessed. It takes some time but literally all that time is the sweet potato sitting in the oven and me doing nothing, so I'm pretty much okay with that.

Slow Cooker Enchilada Sweet Potatoes - 5 ingredients, simple dinner!


  • 1 pound chicken breast
  • 10 ounces red enchilada sauce
  • 1 cup kale or spinach
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • optional toppings: avocado, Greek yogurt or sour cream, cheese, salsa


Put chicken breast, enchilada sauce, kale or spinach and salt into a slow cooker and cook on low for 3 hours.

Stab sweet potatoes a few times all around with a knife. Cover a baking sheet with foil and place potatoes onto the sheet. Turn oven on to 425 F and place the sweet potatoes into the oven right away, before it preheats. Cook for 1 hour, letting the sweet potatoes rest inside the oven for 30 minutes after they are done cooking, with the temperature turned off.

Use a wooden spoon to chop up the chicken inside the slow cooker and combine with sauce before serving. Slice the sweet potatoes open and scoop enchilada filling into them with whatever toppings you want!

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