MCS Strawberry Shortcake Hack

In these last few days of summer I have been craving fresh fruit! My husband and I love to indulge in a little sweet each night but have had lots of discussions about our health and not wanting to consume Sonic ice cream multiple times a week ;)

This fresh and simple dessert came to mind one night when I was craving something sweet but didn't want to spend more money at the store! Because who is going to spend the time making shortcake when you could just sub already made biscuits and get just as good of a dessert? Not this girl.

I used Annie's brand of biscuits, though you can use whatever organic pre-packaged biscuit you like! That was just the simplest route for me, but feel free to play around with other cake recipes you might love, or even vanilla cupcakes sliced in half!

The whipped cream just needs a little bit of powdered sugar to sweeten it up, and if the strawberries are ripe, they will add all the extra natural sweetness you need!