Baby #2 Gender Reveal + 20 Week Update!

Wow, we are halfway through this pregnancy....I It's so funny that subsequent pregnancies seem to go by so much faster for some reason. We had our gender reveal party last weekend and I wanted to share about it here!

Jordan and I lucked out and got scheduled for a sonogram when I was just under 18 weeks, so we had the technician write the sex down on a card and seal it up. I went to a child's clothing store and picked out two cute outfits, one for a boy and one for a girl. I asked the cashier if she would open the card and ring up whichever one it was! She was 31 weeks pregnant too and immediately started freaking out with excitement! The whole time I was browsing the store while she rang up my purchase she was saying "I have chills!!" was so cute.

Jordan and I could barely contain ourselves that night waiting to open up our package. He cut the package open and said "it's a boy!!!" I screamed and we both started wiggling all over the place, haha! I immediately started crying and was just so happy to have our boy.

Gender Reveal + 20 week update! // Natasha Red Blog
It's a boy!! Read my 20 week update on the blog // NR Blog

The week of our sonogram I had a feeling it was a boy, and I was right! We waited a couple weeks until we could get all of our family together + a few friends and share the news with them. We had a black balloon filled with blue confetti, and popped it - confetti going everywhere! You can somewhat see the confetti in the pictures below...

It's a boy!! Read my 20 week update on the blog // NR Blog
It's a boy!! Read my 20 week update on the blog // NR Blog

Quick 20 Week Update

Stretch Marks: Still haven't gotten any new stretch marks from last time, but it's still early! I didn't get a single mark until the last few weeks of my first pregnancy. Most of them have gone away since then, so I'm hoping they don't get too much worse but I'm kind of expecting they will ;)

Symptoms: My migraines have been getting less and less, and I'm doing well with energy. I think taking care of a toddler definitely drains me by the end of the day, but most days are pretty productive.

Exercise: I haven't gotten much exercise, which I know is so bad! I'm supposed to be walking at least 30 minutes a day, but it has just been TOO hot and humid. Once it cools down I plan to make that a regular thing + I have plans to start some prenatal yoga soon.

Food: I've been wanting to stay away from most sweets, except for chocolate. And I am lovingggg fruit - which is so weird since it's sweet? I have been trying to stay focused on nourishing my body with the right foods, which can be so hard when I'm tired or lazy!

Sleep: I have slept horribly this pregnancy! Right from the start I have woken up multiple times to use the restroom and have been tossing and turning constantly. I'm really hoping to get some relief soon before the baby actually gets here! Any tips?!

Did you reveal the gender of your baby? How did you do it?