Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

It can be pretty overwhelming for anyone to stock their kitchens with the right kind of equipment. Step foot into any store and you quickly find out that there are TOO many items to choose from. Especially if you are just starting out with cooking, choosing the right products can be very confusing.

I wanted to share with you the essentials for any basic kitchen, but as I got to thinking my mind just kept coming up with more and more things! I think the fact of the matter is, to stock any kitchen, you need a lot of products, even for the biggest minimalist. So, to rectify that problem I thought I'd just share my top 10 essentials for any kitchen.

Top Ten Kitchen Essentials // Natasha Red Blog

1. Locking Tongs: I mainly use this tool to transfer meat while seasoning and cooking. You can also use it while grilling, or for browning vegetables without needing to stick a fork in it.

2. Whisk: Whether you want to bake or just make scrambled eggs, you definitely need a good whisk.

3. Fine Mesh Strainer: I use my strainer all the time - for rinsing off fruit, draining canned beans or tomatoes, or allowing hard boiled eggs to cool.

4. Ladle: This is a must for serving soups and transferring liquids in large quantities.

5. 6-Quart Dutch Oven: I'm always surprised to find out how many people have never heard of a dutch oven. To me, it's absolutely a staple for making stews, stocks and soups. I've also made homemade apple and pumpkin butter as well as use mine to roast chicken.

6. Oven Mits: Don't burn your hands using that dutch oven or taking cookies out of the oven! These are great because they are flame retardant.

7. Glass Tupperware: Safer than plastic and durable too. Even some plastic containers that are labeled "BPA free" still have traces of BPA plastic. You can be sure by checking for the number 7 on the bottom of the container. If they have that number, it's safer to stay away.

8. Knife Set: A good knife set will go a long way. This set has everything that you need and none of the fancy stuff that you wont use.

9. Stainless Steel Frying Pans: These won't start chipping on you like the Teflon products will and they are much safer to cook on.

10. Dinnerware Set: Of course your kitchen wouldn't be complete without dishes to serve your meals on! This set is my personal favorite :)

BONUS: Branch Basics for cleaning: Branch Basics is the safest, purest soap out there. It's safe enough to use around kids yet tough enough to tackle stubborn soap scum, grease and stains. We use it for everything from laundry to dish detergent to shampoo, and it cleans our kitchen great too :) If you want more info on this soup, you can read my full review here.


Your turn: tell me what tool is absolutely essential in your kitchen!