How I Save Money on Eating Healthy

If you've been reading a while you know we love to eat healthy. Ever since I was pregnant with Reaghan, we've been on this journey of learning more about food, what's in it, and how it affects our bodies.

Thrive Market // Whole food at wholesale prices

In a world where drive-thru hamburger joints and $1 pizza slices outnumber farmers markets and grocery stores, eating healthy can be a challenge. And for many, the sticker shock of healthy, real food is more than they can handle. Trust me, I've been the one cringing at the register.

This is why I'm absolutely in love with Thrive Market. The more Jordan and I learn about real food, the more we want to incorporate it into our lives. Sadly, eating this way has at times made our grocery budget absolutely crazy, and unsustainable. When I found out about Thrive Market I signed up immediately. Their prices are much lower than the natural grocery store in our town AND as a busy mom I love that I can order all of our pantry items from my couch.

Thrive Market // Whole food at wholesale prices

Here's a screen shot of my Favorites page - each item has a little heart next to it so you can easily re-order your favorites in the future. This has saved me so much time as I can just run though my faves and click "add to cart."


The company’s merchandising team works directly with brands to purchase natural, healthy foods and products at wholesale prices. These prices are typically 25-50% lower than what the same products sell for in brick and mortar stores, and even traditional online retailers. I’ve found some amazing deals on Thrive Market - like Nutiva coconut oil that I saved more than $6 on! Instead of adding on the typical retail markup, Thrive Market passes the savings on to their customers.

Like Costco or other warehouse clubs, Thrive Market is membership based. Thrive members purchase a membership for $59.95 per year. That's $5 per month, if you break it down. For me, the cost of the membership pays for itself quickly with their free shipping over $49. With my shopping history, I'm set to save at least $804 just this year alone using Thrive Market....that's crazy!

Thrive Market // wholesome products at wholesale prices


Low-income families are most likely to eat unhealthy diets and suffer the long term health consequences of those choices. Thrive Market is on a mission to make access to healthier choices easier - especially for those that have very little discretionary income, and are often forced to buy the cheapest food that isn’t always the most nutritious. This is a pretty big source of concern for me, and something I've often wondered if there was a solution to. Thrive Market is working to make that solution a reality, and runs in line with my values - to support small and socially conscious companies rather than enormous corporations.


Yes! The site includes the option to “shop by” specific dietary needs and certifications. You can filter the catalog by values including certified organic, non-GMO, Paleo, raw and many more.

And if you're weary of paying the membership fee, Thrive Market offers a free one-month trial before you start paying the annual fee. For my readers, they have also generously offered 2 months free + 15% off your first purchase!

Thrive Market // whole food at wholesale prices

Here's a little video I took from our most recent purchase from Thrive Market so you can get an idea for how our family uses it. Please forgive my crazy hair, I had just got out of the shower before making this video ;) #momlife

Also, another note is that this video only shows our pantry items for the month. From week to week I do go to our local grocery stores for produce, meats and anything random I might need. On the whole, I do try to look at our calendar for the month and decide what we need (so I can get it less expensive from Thrive Market).

For direct links to any of these products shown here, click "My Pantry" in the site navigation above :)

To join Thrive Market and get your first 2 months membership free + 15% off your first order, click the banner below... hope you love it!

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