Banana Bread Doughnuts (Gluten + Sugar Free)

Since the moment we walked into our apartment from our honeymoon, my husband has been asking for doughnuts. The idea of getting a homemade version of his favorite treat was a huge thrill for him. I pinned away many hours looking for fun new recipes to try, along with the newlywed dinner recipe collecting and home decorating "research" I was doing.

Despite my recipe collecting, my sweet husband continued to consume greasy, frosted doughnuts from the corner shop for the last couple of years. I didn't have a doughnut mold! Finally this Christmas I put it on my gift list... as a gift to him of course!

It's priceless watching his eyes light up as he notices a batch of freshly baked doughnuts on the kitchen counter.


I love this recipe because they are sweet from the bananas and a bit of honey, not refined sugar. They are gluten free, so they don't hurt my stomach like regular doughnuts do. Now my whole family can munch away on these sweet, perfectly cakey treats without hesitation. Their texture of course makes them a suitable breakfast option. I highly encourage you to dunk them in your morning cup of coffee.

And did I mention they are the simplest things to throw together? Seriously, ask the kids to hop up on a stool and help mix everything together.

See the full recipe for these delicious homemade doughnuts over on My Cooking Spot!