Inside the Branding

It feels like I've been waiting a lifetime to see the final design for my branding. In all actuality it was only 3 months from start to finish on the project. I've been throwing the word "brand" out there, and I want to share the inspiration for it as well as my heart behind each intentional choice. 

I used to think that branding was just pretty colors and a logo, but it is so so much more. My brand tells a story about who I am and what my business is about. I want each and every person that interacts with me, whether personally, on my blog, social media or my shop to have the same genuine experience. 

I chose to create branding around my name -- Natasha Red :) After thinking long and hard over different names, bouncing my ideas off my husband, and all of them falling flat I realized that from my Instagram to my blog, to the new shop opening up soon, everything was a reflection of MY heart. I struggled with this for some time thinking that I was making it all about me. I still struggle when I type out my name in reference to my company, it feels so strange! But the truth is that everything I create is a reflection of my heart -- the mess, the brokenness, the beauty and creativity, the deep love of cooking and gathering people, of laughing and crying together, it's all ME. So when it came time to name the business, I knew that keeping it simple and going with my own name made all the difference. 

With that in mind, I felt the weight of really digging deep to find the core of who I am and what I want this venture to be about. My heart has always been to BLESS with my online space. I began my blog to share recipes quickly with my friends in a way that would bless and serve them. I feel that God has given me the vision for this new brand for the same reason. I hope you find that to be true as you explore around and get to know me better. :) 

a glimpse at the board I shared with Brigette throughout the process

a glimpse at the board I shared with Brigette throughout the process

Okay, so finally, the WHY:

1. The above images. I mean, swoonThese are just a few images from my inspiration board I pinned for my branding consultant. From the table to open shelving, it exudes warmth and comfort, as well as simplicity. The picture of the mom and baby -- my heart. I want to share glimpses into my life as a mama, and think this journey as a mom is one of the most wonderful endeavors I've ever been a part of. The art just inspires me and reminds me of something I would create on my own. The colors are of course the ones I am most drawn to, and the lemons (not pictured but equally as important) just scream fresh, new, bright and simple cooking.

Most of all, these pictures reflect the feelings that I hope my brand (and my table) will evoke in people: cozy, fresh, comforting, clean, beautiful, timeless, inspiring, authentic, loving, and warm. 



2. I knew I wanted some embellishments around my name, but wasn't sure what. The vines and leaves are both simple and timeless, which were two qualities I wanted reflected in the brand itself. 

3. Hand lettered feel to the font. I LOVE hand lettering, calligraphy, and any pretty writing in general :) It inspires me and fires me up. When I think about the women who I want this brand to reach, I feel like they would be my friends! Friends tend to share similar interests and enjoy similar aesthetic. Not always, of course, but it was a way for me to say -- let's be pals! 

4.  The alternate logo is just as important to me as my main one. It reflects a sense of sophistication that I think is important in a company. I have plans for this little brand to grow and serve many many more people in the coming years, so a sense of credibility is important to me. This secondary logo speaks that to me. 


I hope you love it, friend! I am over the moon excited to finally reveal this to you. I'm excited to share with more intentionality in this online space, and fill your online time with creativity, realness in life and motherhood, + joy and inspiration in the kitchen! 

If you ever need any branding done for your small business, blog, etc. Brigette Turner is a DOLL. I knew practically from the moment I met her that I wanted her to be the designer behind my brand. Her personal style is so similar to mine and she produces beautiful work. Not only this but her HEART is just as kind and beautiful. You would be blessed beyond blessed to know her. Check her out on her site or one of her many gorgeous prints in her shop


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