Living On Purpose: Doing What Matters

Hi! I promise I haven't been neglecting this little blog or you as a reader intentionally these past few weeks. If you follow

Lara Casey


Emily Ley

at all, you have heard the above statements in some form or fashion. These two ladies host an intensive called

Making Things Happen

twice a year, and dedicate their lives and businesses to spreading the message that to live on purpose means not chasing the world's definition of perfect. After years of chasing the world's version of perfect by saying "yes" to nearly every good opportunity, I am soooo down with this message, completely soaking it in and reminding myself often to slow down and focus my energy toward what matters most to me. 

Since starting this journey in June, I have met some of the most amazing women and bloggers. I attended the

Influence Conference

which was nothing short of life changing. I have grown so much in just 6 short months. At the same time, typing that seems CRAZY to me, I cannot believe I've been blogging for six.whole.months. And from the person that thought it was so weird to blog. I started this to share recipes with women and hopefully bless some people. I think that's happened and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Since the Influence Conference I've really been praying and asking myself where this blog should go. I haven't been sure how God wanted to use my online influence. Recently I've gained so much clarity and am getting more and more excited about it every day. 

Over the last month my mind has been a spitfire of idea after idea, all surrounding around the burden to

help women get into their kitchens with less fuss and more joy, blessing others and deepening relationships in the process. 

So, I'm trading in a constant schedule of blogging for a a few incredible things that will allow the above statement to happen. As I have thought long and hard about these things,

 prayed, processed and sat in the silence, God has placed an incredible burden and excitement on my heart for a small business. It's what I'm focusing a lot of my daughter's nap-hours on these days, which means this blog is getting a little less attention. 

I want to build something very intentional with this online space and use it to crazy bless lots and lots of women. I'm trading in something good for something so much greater, and it feels really good. 

If I have time and feel passionate about sharing something, I will definitely be here sharing it. But for now, many of my recipes are going into a product I feel will bless and serve many women. In addition, I'm learning my way around the crazy world of starting a small business, so ANY insight out there would be much appreciated :) 

Is there something in your life that you know you need to be more intentional with? Share with me and let's keep each other accountable to making the things that matter happen. xx