Family Photos!

We had a fun shoot with my incredibly talented friend Casey. She has the most wonderful photography business and has recently become super passionate about photographing births. Her gorgeous photos make me want to give birth all over again!! They are so beautiful and move my heart so deeply when I see those images. 

She carries that same passion into all her shoots and that totally came through in our family photos! I could not love them more and kind of want to use all of them for our Christmas card. Is that possible? Well, I don't think I'll settle for sharing them on the blog with you! 

For the record, Reaghan was super frustrated and screaming almost the entire time. I'd say it was a tad cold that morning, which she probably didn't appreciate. I was nervous there wouldn't be any pictures showing off her precious smile, but Casey managed to capture some! 

I love how these photos capture the joy in our family since welcoming Reaghan into our lives. The older she gets the more I realize I just love being around her, regardless of what she's going through or if she's cranky, I just want to hold her, make her laugh and enjoy her presence. 

There's really nothing like seeing my husband with my daughter. I love watching him with her on a daily basis, but seeing these moments captured warms my soul in a different way. I will always be able to have these memories captured to look back on when she's older!

Our little thumb-sucker. She doesn't suck her thumb crazy often but gosh, when she does, I completely melt. These next few have to be some of my favorites. 

Time reading as a family is a really sweet time for us. I will admit that I have struggled to read to Reaghan this year. It was just plain hard when she was too teeny to care that I was talking to her at all. Over the past couple of weeks she has really taken to books and will flip through them and babble like she's reading them! Her new-found interest in books has gotten me excited to read to her more and see her interacting with the characters and pictures on the pages.