Goals with Grace // September

A new month! Hooray! I mentioned earlier this week that I'm excited to begin this new season, both in life and literally, with the weather. It'll be great to not be forced into a 30 minute window of time in the early morning for a walk. The temps will get cooler (I hope!) and some fun and exciting things are around the corner.... 

I want to look back at August to see how I did. Again, I love this link-up because it's not about accomplishing every little thing on my list, though I do make small lists ;) Rather, we give ourselves grace. 

August Goals //

1. Finish reading "Nourished Baby" and "Will Write for Food"
Yes and no! I finished "Nourished Baby" and am implementing the things I learned into Reaghan's diet as we continue to introduce new foods to her. I haven't finished "Will Write for Food" mainly because it's somewhat of a workbook for me, and I'm working through it slowly. Each chapter is so heavy with lots to think about, so I'm biting off small bits, and chewing on it for a while :)
2. Replace all our household cleaners with natural alternatives 
Yes! So excited about this one. I replaced all our household cleaners with safe, non-toxic versions. I can barely handle walking down the cleaning product aisle at the grocery store anymore, so this was a huge YAY in my book. 
3. Start Reaghan's 1st birthday party crafts 
Yes! It's a slow process but I'm really excited about how everything is coming along. Gold and sparkly everywhere! 
4. Take more social media free weekends 
Uh...no. Mainly I just forgot about this one. Though I will say that it is more natural for me to pull away from social media on the weekends. It's not a true "I'm not opening up these apps on my phone" weekend, and I'm okay with that for now. The point of this being that I want to focus my attention on family, friends, rest and creating. I think those things are happening.

1. Order blog business cards //
So weird for me since I'm new at blogging, but definitely needed. My friend Jenn and I are going to The Influence Conference at the end of the month and will be meeting lots of new people!

2. More crafties for Rae's party //
You'll just have to wait until November to see what I'm up to!

3. Find new ways to live a slower paced and more intentional life // 
This isn't anything new for Jordan and I. It's been on the radar for years and I'm happy with where we've come on that journey. BUT we still have a ways to go, fighting against the current of our culture and our own internal biases. While I'm at it, I want to finish reading "Notes from a Blue Bike." I'm really loving it. Get yourself a copy and read it, I promise you'll be blessed. 

4. Blog 3 times a week //
As opposed to 5x a week, see goal #3. 

And now some good reads from August in case you missed it!

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