Capsule Wardrobe // The Pieces

I guess you could say I have a somewhat boho style. I've always felt that I bounced from preppy to boho depending on my mood. However, since becoming a mom I definitely have leaned more toward all the flowy, loose fitting shirts and tighter pants, very boho. They are just so comfortable and look stylish as well :) I was lucky enough that I had several of these types of shirts while pregnant. Because they are looser, they actually fit for a majority of my pregnancy! This is why I had the idea of investing in the pieces I did. If I was going to be more intentional with my wardrobe and invest in a few new pieces, I wanted to make sure they were clothes I could wear throughout the year and would transition into those "in between" times of pregnancy and postpartum I talked about in part one of this blog in the future. 

After giving most of my clothing away, I felt like I was left with a good selection of brightly colored tops, many that were a little nicer, silky materials that I wouldn't want to wear every day around the house with a little one. These go in my "I'm feeling preppy" category :) But before I show you my clothes, here was my inspiration board:

Loose neutrals that can be easily layered and go with any type of pant for versatility through the seasons.

I decided to stop by Old Navy to see what they had going on. Turns out their style has drastically changed since I last shopped like, middle school. All I remember is "Old Navy" t-shirts for the 4th of July that about gave me a stomach ache. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked basically everything in their store and they were having major sales! Old Navy, Gap, Loft, etc. always seem to be having good sales, and constantly send out email alerts for 40% off, etc.  So you can snag a great price for new or even clearance items!

THE (mostly) NEW

1 / 2 (TJ Maxx) / 3 (TJ Maxx) / 4 / 5 / 6

1 (Old Navy in store only) / 2 / 3 (Old Navy circa early 2000's?) / 4 / 5 (Target, several years ago) 6 (Target, several years ago)

THE (mostly) OLD

1 TJ Maxx / 2, 3, 5 ,6 from Target several years ago / 4 Ann Taylor Loft clearance last year

1 & 4 Target a couple years back / 2 Pretty sure I picked this up from Wal Mart a couple years ago, score / 3, Loft several years ago / 5 / 6 garage sale find ;)

*Not pictured: black leggings, pink jeans, and faded black jeans to round out my new mama wardrobe.

That's 18 tops, 4 pants, and 5 cardigans or jackets. I think I can make some pretty cute outfits out of all of these. 

I'd also like to point out that I strategically have more short sleeved tops with cardigans for a reason. Instead of having multiple wardrobes for each season, I will layer in the fall and still use some of those tops I wore in the summer under scarves, sweaters and cardigans. So, where as many capsule wardrobe posts out there go by season, this is kind of what I'm working with in general. I will say there are a few other pieces that didn't get the boot originally but aren't included in my capsule here. Mainly because they are things I will wear sparingly like those dresses I was talking about, shoes, scarves, etc. 

TIP: For nursing mom's, I wore a nursing tank under regular tops for months after giving birth. The nursing bra I had just didn't fit me right until recently and it was just easier and more comfy to do the pull up, pull down move. Target has some really great ones if you want to try that out. 

Okay, one last thing about Old Navy. As I was browsing their site to put this post together, I noticed that they also have a great little section of their website that shows you what to wear for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters as well as clothes that will be functional and cute after  baby is born. Love that!