Strawberry Tiramisu

I had a miniature vacation in Central Market this weekend when my husband dropped me off to go wander around and find something for dinner. I got a few (surprise: Italian) things and am hoping to post the recipe for that soon. But what I really needed at Central Market was their savoiardi cookies. I can't find them anywhere else. 

Savoiardi, or "lady-finger" cookies are used in tiramisu. They are airy with a light amaretto flavor and a sprinkling of sugar on the top adding a bit of crunch. They soak up moisture wonderfully, making them perfect for this dessert. Traditional tiramisu is made with espresso, cream, marscapone, chocolate and liqueur. 

When I spent a summer in Italy, I prayed that I would make a friend who would share her grandmother's recipes with me. 

A tiny little prayer in my heart became a reality when a friend and I ran into Sara at one of our favorite cafes. We became fast friends and invited her to come over to our apartment and cook dinner with us. She not only accepted, but came early during her lunch break to make this dessert with me. It is her grandmother's twist to the original and is absolutely divine. 


1 package strawberries

1 medium tub ricotta

2 small tubs marscapone cheese

2 tablespoons sugar

1 package 

savoiardi cookies


Slice strawberries thinly and set aside. In a separate bowl mix ricotta, marscapone and sugar together until there are no lumps. Fold sliced strawberries in with a spoon. 

At the bottom of a large serving bowl, create a layer of savoiardi cookies. Pour milk over slowly until just covered. Layer cheese mixture on top of the cookies, smoothing out with a rubber spatula. Follow by more savoiardi, milk, cheese mixture, etc. until finished. 

Sometimes it helps to have a visual....cookies, milk, cheese mixture, repeat. 

Let stand in the refrigerator for 4 hours. 

Buon Appetito!