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About back to school. This is the first year of my life where I haven't gone "back to school." The year after I graduated college I worked for my sorority and traveled the country with them. I went "back to school" that fall about 6 or 7 times attending multiple recruitments. Then the next year I joined staff with Cru and went "back to school" to meet hundreds of freshman as they moved into their dorms, joined sororities, and settled into their own college experience. Every year since then I've done the same, including last year when I hauled my pregnant butt to a quaint coffee shop off campus called The Whitehouse and had spiritual conversations with sorority girl after sorority girl. So good. 

But, I'm done with that season of life. Today many of my friends will hit campuses all over the country to meet students and build relationship with them. My news feeds are blowing up with the most precious back to school pictures of little ones. Mothers are sitting in empty or quiet(er) homes today for the first time in years. Part of me looks forward to the time when Rae will go off to school (or stay here and do school, who knows) and part of me dreads it. We've got some time :)

Nothing. It always sounds so darn good to have a movie date with Jordan but there is nothing ever good on Netflix! We only have basic TV channels and steal borrow my sister-in-laws Netflix. Last night we made homemade pizzas and plopped down on the couch to end our slow and restful (yet emotionally draining) weekend, ready to chill in front of a funny movie or TV show. We turned on Portlandia since we are headed to Portland in was ridiculous. We turned it off. Then we thought "Oh! The West Wing!! That'll be good!" No. 90's politics....just, no. Soooo we went to bed, haha. I know, we are so boring. 

That my tomato plant started producing again! Y'all I honestly don't know anything about gardening or tomato plants but my mother-in-law does. She told me that the tomatoes wouldn't produce anymore because it was too hot! I had tried everything I could to help them continue growing but they seemed to be at a stand still. Then this weekend I went out there to check on my herbs and there were like 6 tomatoes?!! I promptly pruned that sucker which had gotten really unruly and picked a couple tomatoes. I hope this lasts!! (No idea how long this will last....til winter? What do I do when winter comes? HELP)

What about you -- what are you currently thinking about, or up to today? 

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