Currently // Vol. 5

Creating // 
Some sewing things, like this headband in the picture above that I repurposed last night from some old sheets of mine when I was a baby. I'm also working on a table runner and waiting on the burlap to come in for it ::giddy:: 

Wrestling // 
With the need for simplicity and rest while not having a lot of time in this season of life. I'm feeling like the days go by in a blink while I have a million things swimming in my head constantly. I'm definitely in need of some time to declutter my heart.

Thankful //
For my hubby wearing Reaghan in the boba carrier while I went grocery shopping! I cherish weekends where we get to spend time together, so even going to the grocery store was an opportunity to make a chore into something fun. It was pretty great hearing him boldly say "I'll carry her!" as a way to serve me. So very thankful for him.  

Enjoying // 
Weekend walks with my husband and Rae. The mornings have been just cool enough to walk around the neighborhood, and it's been some of my favorite times. I love the conversations Jordan and I have when it (feels) like it's just the two of us. Rae is completely calm, totally absorbed in the world around her, and we just get to talk and enjoy each other. We've found some beautiful neighborhoods near ours with lots of trees and it's been sweet to enjoy them. Do you have a favorite weekend tradition?

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