9 Months

I absolutely love this age. Your sweet new squinty-eyed smile makes me burst into laughter and I love that gummy cheesy grin. You are talking furiously and with much conviction, which is also just hilarious. Your little eyes grow bigger and brighter when I talk back in your language. I think you like the conversation! 

Your little personality is showing more and more each day and it's so fun to be able to interact with you. You're a sassy little thing, and get very upset when you're not able to fully experience whatever it is you're going after. You want to be able to play with and discover absolutely everything and get the sass-look on your face if you can't figure it out. Squinted eyes, lips pursed all the way out and a low grade whine. It's the most precious yet scariest thing. A glimpse into your toddlerhood? Teen years? God help us. You are a little free spirit. You want to be free to roam and scoot (speedily I might add) all over the place. You have a deep affection for wires and love to gnaw on them (until I catch you of course!) 

You love music and think it's hilarious when we dance together. You love surprises and silly noises and loveeee when daddy kisses your neck. 

You're very inquisitive about the world around you. You are shy around new people though you will let just about anyone hold you. Holding you over our shoulder is still the surest way to calm you down. 

You are drawn like a magnet to: buttons, zippers, ribbons, jewelry and anything bright and sparkly! What a girly girl already! You said "mama" once and I've been trying hard to get you to say it again ever since. 

get after it, girl

hair brush = only way I got her to sit still for a few minutes to take pictures

follow along