The Timi & Leslie Rachel: Diaper Bag Love

Pregnant friends and new mama's, do you need a diaper bag?  

Probably. Want something that will last on into toddler years and beyond without it being so...diaper bag-ish? That's what I was looking for. When I started my search for a diaper bag, I was very surprised to find the selection so....terrible. I literally could not find one.cute.bag.anywhere. Now of course after having Reaghan I have found several that are chic and practical. That always seems to happen, doesn't it?

That being said, I'm really loving my new diaper bag. I originally purchased a Skip Hop one that I also loved. It was a white and blue striped bag that fit a ton of stuff, but it couldn't pass off as anything other than a diaper bag. AND it broke within 2 months of my daughters life. So naturally it took me another 4 months to make my way to Nordstrom and exchange it. When I arrived at the Customer Service counter, sweet Pamela told me that they no longer carried that style anymore and I could choose anything else online. After scanning Pamela's iPad for an unreasonably long time, I walked away empty handed. Nothing suited my taste or preferences. 

These were my non-negotiable's for a diaper bag: 

- pockets -- it had to have several pockets for easy organizing

- stylish and "goes" with anything I might be wearing

- easy to clean

- cross body strap for hands-free/shoulder-free carrying

- changing pad included

- easy access to anything I needed in a few seconds or less

I'm efficient. As you can tell I kind of gravitate toward mobility and simplicity. Never do I want to be caught with sweet Reaghan in my arms, my water cup in my hand, groceries on the other arm, and a bag that is falling off my shoulder or weighing me down. It was also important to me that it wasn't so "baby-ish" for when Reaghan and any future kids get older. I knew there would be a day when I needed to throw lunches, snacks, school forms, toys and games in a big bag long after diapers and wanted a bag I could really live in. A bag I would buy for myself regardless and that was practical for all my kid years as well as sophisticated. I guess I wanted it all!

Timi & Leslie did it right with their Rachel design and have obviously given great thought to what their bags include. Each style comes with all the following accessories, and many of their styles are super cute! It's about twice the price as my original bag but comes with a TON more that in my mind makes it worth the cost.

Here are the bonus items not on my list but that totally sold me:

- wet bag for dirty diapers or clothes (a must for this cloth-diapering mama)

- insulated bottle tote

- easy to reach key fob

- style...the bag is just plain cute 

Their bags also include stroller straps and a wallet clutch. These really weren't needs for me, but I know for some mom's they might really come in handy. 

If you know me at all then you know I rarely pay full price for anything. If I need something for the house I'm going to the thrift store, and I certainly am using google to find the best deals on anything I purchase online. I ordered my bag from Bliss Living and found a coupon code for $15 off and free shipping! 

So far I am really enjoying this bag. If you're a new mom I'd love to hear what you're looking for in a diaper bag or other brands you love. Let me know in the comments below!

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