Portraits from the Texas Beach

Okay, so I know that Texas doesn't have the best reputation for beaches, but our vacation was really nice regardless. Can I just stop to tell you about the house? We stayed in a coral colored cottage only minutes from the beach. The house had an incredible kitchen, fully stocked (minus a defective can opener) and windows everywhere. I dream of having that much natural sunlight streaming into my home on a regular basis. It was bliss. 

I loved spending time with God in the stillness of the morning. Getting to be in the kitchen on Saturday preparing nourishing meals for our family. Sweet memories were made, like snuggling with Reaghan one morning in our king sized bed, light peaking through the windows welcoming the day, and having her fall back to sleep in my arms. Just being still and allowing time for heart junk to come to the surface so it could be pruned out again. 

Breakfast + Bible with nana and auntie Cait
You can never have too much sun screen

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Portraits from the Texas Beach
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