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When you have a baby, does the hospital/birth center send a mass message to all baby-related companies saying: "THIS WOMAN JUST HAD A BABY!!!" "ADVERTISE TO HER!! SHE'S YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE NOW AND NEEDS ALL THE COUPONS SHE CAN GET!!" When you have a baby, are you automatically signed up to receive emails from Because only days after having Reaghan my first email showed up in my inbox. Does anyone know how this happens? When I was pregnant it was formula. I got so much formula. Why? How did the formula companies get my name? It's one of life's biggest mysteries.  

Anyway, a few weeks after Reaghan was born I received an email looking for submissions to DFW Child Magazine's

Mommy Diary

. I emailed back and forth with the woman in charge but I never submitted a diary because at that time my "day in the life of a new mom" would have looked a lot like this: 

Nurse, take a nap, nurse, do some laundry, nurse, watch Call the Midwife for the 18th time today, nurse.......

you get the picture. 

Didn't seem interesting enough to send to a magazine, so I held off. But maybe I'll submit one now? 

Since my blog is new, I thought it would be fun to share my "sidebar questions" here so you can get to know me a little bit! Enjoy!

What she's reading:

"Glimpses of Grace" by Gloria Furman. Such good truths for any mama.

Favorite Indulgence:

Dark chocolate with hazelnuts…it’s like a vacation in your mouth.

Yearly Destination:

We usually make a trip to Georgetown to visit my husbands grandparents at least once a year. I love our road trips with the siblings-in-law and their huge fun family!

Nicknames for her kids:

Nana, nana-boo, nana-bear, Rae Rae, boo boo bear....

What's on her DVR: 

"Downton Abbey" or "Call The Midwife"

Store we might catch you browsing in:

Shop the Barn, my favorite local antique and restored furniture dealer.

Signature Meal: 

Chicken Marinara Risotto (coming to the blog soon!) with a fresh salad and

homemade dressing


Favorite Movie:


Favorite date night spot:


Coffee or Tea:

English Breakfast tea with foamed milk and a dash of honey, please.

Her Hidden Talent:

My voice

Prized Possession:

My wedding ring

Your Biggest Challenge:

Letting go of control and taking the pressure off myself.

Inspirational Words to Live by:

"I will hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection”

What's on her iPod:

My church’s latest worship album.

Favorite Family Board Game:


Beauty Product she can't live without:

Burt's Bees lip balm

Workout she manages to squeeze in:

A walk around the neighborhood! Ha!

Her go-to Uniform:

Skinny jeans, v-neck, loose cardigan and dangle earrings.

My Last Big Purchase:


Simplified Planner

 -- definitely the most I’ve ever spent on a planner but money well invested to keep my life and family organized.

By her Bed:

My water bottle, baby monitor, the latest book I’m reading, my phone, and usually an essential oil of two. 

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