Currently // Vol. 2

Thinking about // 
How in the world I'm going to raise this girl. How am I going to teach her all the important lessons in life that she needs to know? How will we instruct her and mold her as she grows? The task seems extra overwhelming to me today, though I know it's one foot in the front of the other, one day, and one hour at a time. 

Reading // 
Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller. I'll admit, this is a hard one for me to read. Who wants to admit that they make a god out of good things? Makes me feel rubbed raw and I try to hide from it. But alas, I must finish this book. I need to hear these truths. 

Listening to // 
If this doesn't describe my life right now then I don't know what does. 

Watching // 
Every morning I pull back the curtains in my kitchen and take a look at my tomato plant. I pruned it about two weeks ago and it is still pretty bare bones. I also made a mixture of epson salt and powdered milk and added it to the soil. I read somewhere that this works miracles? We had a good rain this week and I thought for sure my tomato plant would burst with fruit, but it hasn't. It's making me a little sad.....any gardening friends out there have any tips? 

Thankful for // 
When the Lord calls out my brokenness. I was talking with a friend this week and counseling her through some sin in her life when my eyes were opened and I saw the true state of my own heart. Broken. Blinded. Distorted. My pride had gotten so big that it was completely clouding my view of God's grace and beauty. I was doubting His goodness and seeking my own glory. So grateful that He pursues me when I am less than pursuable. 

I love that I've been able to meet some really sweet bloggers through this link-up with A Mama Collective. If you're a blogger, hop on over to her site and link up with us! 

What are you currently up to?

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