Baby Stuff I Love // 7 Months

Pinterest is full of helpful products and resources people are loving for their little ones, and I always enjoy browsing these to see what we might benefit from. I wanted to share with other mommies what I've found to be time savers and what bring joy to our lives in the day to day. Here's what we're enjoying this month. 

Sleep // White noise machine

We take this on all our trips, even if it's just for a night. It brings a sense of familiarity when she's sleeping in a new place and blocks out ALL noise coming from other rooms. Sweet girl hasn't even woken up to the fire alarm going off with that thing running. Hallelujah. 

Play // Discovery basket

This is the stage where babies are really into textures, and they are starting to become more familiar with concepts. I'll tell her "look, you took all the toys out, now lets put them back in" and repeat. She loves to sit and pull everything out, chew on the toys a bit and do it all over again. I've filled her basket with alphabet letters (hello, accomplishing goals!), rattles, soft animals, and teethers.

Feeding // Ice cube trays and a plethora of bibs

I've managed to get into making homemade baby food without anything fancy. Of course there's this tray that I'm obsessed with. And those fancy steam-blend-all-in-one systems that are super expensive and I'm sure super convenient. But those things really aren't needs. And right now our ghetto mommy system is working for us. 

All we have is a blender and some plain ice cube trays. I'm only making small portions of food as Reaghan has been trying something new about every 4-5 days. I'll steam my veggies, purèe them in the blender with some breast milk and water, and freeze them up. Once they are frozen, I transfer to a large tupperware and pull cubes out to thaw when needed. One or two cubes is equal to one serving for her right now. 

Out and About // Small books 

I love these little books because they are easy to stuff in the diaper bag to read whenever and don't weigh you down. I usually keep at least one in my bag in case we are somewhere else during nap time (we read a story most days before her naps) or just for fun. 

What are you loving for baby right now?

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