Loving on Neighbors

Image: Chris Dlugosz, Nextdoor
Moving to a new neighborhood? Jordan and I have done quite a bit of moving in the 2 years we've been married (that's a story for another time). One thing I was so excited about once we moved to a real neighborhood and out of our apartment was getting to know our neighbors. We did some of the following things with our apartment neighbors too, and in some ways, got to know them better because we all lived in the same tiny space. But, there is just something about a street, ya know? It's where I take Reaghan on a walk almost every day, so I see people from time to time and it just feels unusual to me to not reach out. 

I love to get to know the people living next to me. I have yet to experience someone reaching out to us, and I honestly don't expect it. We even had a newborn for the first month of living in our house, and no one even came by! I think that's normal, but I also think deep down everyone is hoping that someone will welcome them to the neighborhood. I thought it was just me, but recently we had a couple over for dinner who expressed they were shocked we were the only ones to really welcome them when they first moved in. This confirmed to me the need for a welcoming face in a new place. This seems so obvious! But it can be very intimidating in a culture where we are used to pulling into our garage and never saying "hi" across the street.

Here are ten ideas to get you started loving on your neighbors: 

1. Bake cookies and attach a handwritten note
2. Offer to pick up their mail while they're out of town
3. Bring them a meal the first week they move in
4. Prayer walk.... even if you don't know the people, prayer is one of the best ways to care for another person
5. Pray over "for rent/sale" signs and those who might be moving in
6. Have kids? Offer to host a play date or take a walk to the park!
7. Have them over for dinner or games
8. Ask questions!
9. Keep your lawn mowed and your garbage can off the street. Don't block their driveway and let them know when you'll have more than a few guests over! (Also known as being polite) 
10. Ask for their phone number 

What about you? Do you know your neighbors? Many of my friends want to get to know those living around them but struggle to think of ways to do it. I hope this simple list is helpful and would love to hear ways you reach out to those who you share a fence with!

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