Friday Faves

Happy Friday, friends! Just popping in to share five fun things that made this week great. Let's get into it:

1. Reaghan is 7 months old today!! 

I can’t believe how FAST she’s growing. She’s saying “dadadadada” all day long, screaming with excitement, and showing loads of interest in her feet. I couldn't wait until her 6 month birthday to start giving her solid foods. We have started really slow, with chicken bone broth, probiotics, and soft boiled egg yolk. We've had some baby food fails thus far including...wait for it....avocado and sweet potato! I kid you not, the child hates them both. Those are like, the traditional first foods, right?! Anyway, this week we gave carrots a shot and she fell in love! She's thoroughly enjoying carrots with a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

2. The Boba 4G -- making groceries and other errands a snap for mothers everywhere. 

As usual, I did an insane amount of research on baby carriers before I took the plunge. We were gifted with a Boba wrap before Reaghan was born and she did great in it for the first 3 months. Around 3 months, she turned a corner and had a serious aversion to it, banging her head on my chest every time I tried to put her in it. Not cool. So, we opted for their newest soft structured carrier. They get rave reviews, and I now know why. They come with an infant insert, making it less expensive than the Ergo, where you need to purchase the insert separately. They are literally the exact same model otherwise. My favorite part? It honestly feels like I’m carrying close to nothing when I put her in it. You mamas know this is fantastic when you're used to 16 pounds of chunk sitting on your hip. 

3. Exersaucer/jumpy bouncy thing

I'm not really sure what the name of it is, but let me tell you, it's a gift from Heaven. Actually it was a gift from one of Jordan’s coworkers. Come to think of it, it might be around 10 years old, but it’s still in AMAZING condition! I love putting Rae in it while I finish my make up or while I cook dinner. It lives in our dining area so I can look at her from over the bar in our kitchen. I love the way she lights up and jumps like crazy when I wave and talk to her while I cook. 

4. Jesus Story Book Bible

Reading this to Rae each morning has seriously ministered to my heart! Believe me, this is not your average children’s Bible. It’s beautifully illustrated and profoundly worded. It tugs at my heartstrings every morning when I read Reaghan a story for our “breakfast and Bible.” 

5. Just Brakes 

Random, I know. I honestly don’t know the first thing about caring for cars. Just ask any of my guy friends about the numerous comical (not so comical when you’re stranded on the side of the road?) car blunders I’ve found myself in over the past…….decade. I’m really hoping these “guy friends” aka my staff team don't throw me under the bus here. 

I stopped into Just Brakes this week to get my oil changed, wipers replaced, and have a general health check done on my car. They started off their amazing customer service by telling me I was a great customer when I called an hour after I missed my appointment (mommy brain is real, people!) When I arrived, they truthfully told me the cheaper wiper blades work just as well as their more expensive counterpart. Two points for JB. If this wasn’t enough, they marked off my frequent buyers card twice giving me a FREE oil change next time I come in!! This is the second time they have done this AND they also gave me a coupon for $20 off the work I need to have done next time around. CRAZY. I left singing praises and kissing my baby after that extremely positive interaction with car men. I mean, car men – they’re usually pretty mean to me. So this was a major win. 

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