31 Days of Responding to Him

I asked my husband if I should keep posting recipes on instagram. So many insecurities wrapped up in that question...yuck! He promptly told me "Why would you ask that? If God is asking you to do something, you just do it!"

Of course. 

So thankful for a husband who knows my heart and desires for me to express my creativity!

So, here I am, "re-launching" a dead blog with a 31 day challenge. Inspired by a few other bloggers (namely, here and here) I thought it was the perfect accountability to get things started off. To tell you the truth, I really can't believe I'm doing this. What have I been afraid of? Saying something that has already been said 500 times. Spending time writing and....no one reading. I could go on....but what matters is that I think this will actually be fun. And I'm prescribing a little more fun to my life this summer. ;)

I've always liked to write and I feel like my mind is constantly reeling a personal cooking show (among other things), so why not give it a shot? I don't promise to write every day (read: nursing mom of a 6 month old with a part time job), but I do promise to get it done, at least before the end of the summer! 

Why 31 Days of Responding to Him?

God has been tugging on me to share in this capacity, specifically focusing on food and community, but I think more will come to the surface as I move along. So, that's what the next 31 days are about -- Responding to Him, His gentle tugging, and sharing that with you.